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e-architect feature the key German Architects, focusing on contemporary German architecture studios.

This country has produced a large amount of the msot respected architecture offices in the world. The most celebrated architect from the past is Mies Van der Rohe, famous for the National Gallery in Berlin, Germany. Also of major importance globally were Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Peter Behrens, Marcel Breuer, Walter Gropius and Frei Otto, many as émigrés sinece the Second World War.
Towards the end of the 20th Century Behnisch Architekten were very well known globally, and popular amongst students of architecture. Currently the most notable German architecture practices are Gerkan, Marg & Partners and J Mayer H, though Bolles + Wilson and sauerbruch hutton are both also known outside Germany.

German Buildings
German Architecture
picture © Adrian Welch

Links to German Architect Studiosarchitect offices in Germany, alphabetical by surname

Most Celebrated German Architect

Mies Van der Rohe

Major German Architects

Behnisch Architekten (Stuttgart & München)
Bolles + Wilson (Münster)
Gerkan, Marg & Partners (Hamburg + Berlin, Frankfurt, Aachen, Kapstadt)
J Mayer H (Berlin)
Josef Paul Kleihues (Berlin and Dülmen-Rorup)
sauerbruch hutton (Berlin)
Steidle + Partner (München + Berlin & Simbach)

Key 20th Century German Architect Practices

Peter Behrens
Marcel Breuer
Egon Eiermann Architects
Walter Gropius
Hugo Häring
Erich Mendelsohn
Frei Otto – Architect / Engineer
Hans Scharoun

Neo-classical German Architect

Karl Friedrich Schinkel

More German Architecture Offices online soon

Mies is the most famous German architect of the last century – highly influential and widely respected. Architect Gropius is also remembered for his work at The Bauhaus, however (like Mies) he spent much of his career in the US. Behrens is one of the key architects in the birth of Modernism and Breuer created many celebrated buildings such as the Whitney Museum. more recently Gerkan, Marg & Partners have become one of the largest German architects whilst J. MAYER H. have become one of the most published German architects offices in the last decade.

Golden Workshop Pavilion Germany
image © Christian Richters

German Building Links

German Architects

3deluxe (Wiesbaden)
4a Architekten (Stuttgart)
ATP Architects (Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin)
Atelier Brueckner (Stuttgart)
Axel Schultes (Berlin)
Barkow Leibinger (Berlin)
Brückner + Brückner (Tirschenreuth + Würzburg)
Brückner Architekten (Munich)
Gatermann + Schossig Architekten (Cologne)
Zvi Hecker Architects (Berlin)
Henn Architekten (Munich)
Ian Shaw Architekten (Frankfurt)
Ingenhoven Overdiek Kahlen und Partner (Düsseldorf)
Kada Wittfeld Architektur (Aachen + Graz, Österreich)
LAVA – Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (Stuttgart)
Christophe Mäckler (Frankfurt)
Me di um Arkitekten (Hamburg)
Meixner Schlüter Wendt (Frankfurt)
modulorbeat (Münster)
Ortner & Ortner (Berlin)
Peter Ruge Architekten (Berlin)
Stephan Braunfels Architekten (Berlin + Munich)
Uwe Schröder Architekten (Bonn)
Wandel Hoefer Lorch Architekten (Frankfurt)
Werner Sobek Engineering & Design (Stuttgart + other offices around the world)
wurm + wurm (Bühl, near Baden-Baden, south west Germany)

Architect Offices in Germany featured on the site but unlisted in architecturepractice section
Hascher Jehle Architektur (Berlin)

BMW building Germany
picture from Ketchum

Additional German Architecture Studios welcome


German Architects listed by City

Berlin Architects
Cologne Architects
Frankfurt Architects
Hamburg Architects
Munich Architects

Daniel Libeskind – famous architect:
Professor – Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe, Germany

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Swiss Architects

J. MAYER H. (Berlin)

German Building Links by Type

Selected Building Types, alphabetical:

German Hotel Architecture

German Museum Architecture

German Office Buildings

German School Architecture

German Stadium Designs

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