Pablo Bronstein Exhibition at RIBA London

Pablo Bronstein Exhibition at RIBA London

Fifty new drawings by the British-Argentinian artist Pablo Bronstein, are framed alongside a selection of rarely-seen historical Georgian and Neo-Georgian material from the RIBA Collections; the exhibition focusses on buildings constructed during the second half of the twentieth century in an ostensibly ‘Georgian’ style.

Eq Tower

Eq. Tower in Melbourne

A while ago Elenberg Fraser introduced Igor Kebel, their new Design Director – the time has come to introduce his first project, which they are proud to announce represents a dramatic shift in the Elenberg Fraser design process into a completely parametric environment.

Lighting Architecture and Interiors

Engaging A Lighting Designer

Lighting shouldn’t be an after-thought. Good architects should take every element into consideration when working on their designs. Early involvement by a lighting designer, prior to planning, will make a fundamental difference to the architecture – it can even provide inspiration.

The Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad

The Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad

Group DCA’s project the Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad combines a contemporary design and rich materials to create a exclusive lounge space. The old artwork and stylish framed photographs further create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere which is characteristic of the studio.

The Fire Lookout House

The Fire Lookout House in California

This conceptual project that started out as a real one. A great client in California found our Seattle firm online, and hired Paul Michael Davis Architects to design him a new house to replace one that had burned down in one of the increasingly frequent wildfires here in the West.

Sleep Hotel Event London 2017 Room Set

Sleep 2017 Guestroom Installations, London

Sleep Sets at Europe’s hotel design event: Italian firm, Il Prisma, with studios in London as well as in Italy ; 1508 London, the leading luxury residential design studio ; Stonehill & Taylor, the hospitality-focused architecture and design studio from New York City ; and London-based MKV Design.