Serpentine Pavilion 2017 by Francis Kéré Architect in Kensington Gardens London

Serpentine Pavilion 2017 by Francis Kéré

extended opening until 19 November. Review by architect Eleonora Nicoletti, “The first impression I had…can be summarised by a single adjective: joyous.” Also featured is architect Adrian Welch’s interview with AECOM about their role in this internationally renowned cultural project on the lawns of Kensington Gardens.

Cha Le Teahouse in Vancouver

Cha Le Teahouse in Vancouver

Cha Le Teahouse provides a modernist interpretation of the traditional Chinese tea ritual. The space is defined by a minimalist character that relies on an interplay of geometry and material uniformity. A meticulously coordinated plywood matrix motif replicated throughout the space creates a sense of rhythm, depth and shadow.

what the construction industry write about

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Analysis of 6 million pieces of data has revealed that the knowledge framework underpinning the construction industry is no longer fit for purpose. Practitioners do not have easy access to critical knowledge, and so it is inevitable that mistakes will be made.

The Fire Lookout House

The Fire Lookout House in California

This conceptual project that started out as a real one. A great client in California found our Seattle firm online, and hired Paul Michael Davis Architects to design him a new house to replace one that had burned down in one of the increasingly frequent wildfires here in the West.

Eq Tower

Eq. Tower in Melbourne

A while ago Elenberg Fraser introduced Igor Kebel, their new Design Director – the time has come to introduce his first project, which they are proud to announce represents a dramatic shift in the Elenberg Fraser design process into a completely parametric environment.