Black Box Gym

Black Box Gym in Chengdu

Designed by design by HAD & Epos Architects the Black Box Gym features steel beam-to-column, corrugated steel and perforated steel plates, which are widely applied in temporary architecture. The gym provides fitness facilities and space for people nearby.

Yuhua Showflat E

Yuhua Showflat E in Henan

FAN Life has looked at what kind of collision will occur, when traditional spirit is expressed in an actual form, and when classical soul is hovering in a simple realistic space. This project is an expression of the integrated aesthetics of the Chinese and Western style.

London Garden Bridge across the River Thames

BRE News

BRE news – in an environment where partnership is the new leadership, the International WELL Building Institute and BRE used the recent Greenbuild in Bostonto demonstrate to the market the value of collaboration.

Yaoyue Restaurant

Yaoyue Restaurant in Xiamen

Designed by Xiamen Fancy Design & Decoration Co and located in a zone of old factories, Yaoyue Restaurant was once an unused terrace. Different from the noisy city outside, the designer wants to integrate nature and industry style together creating a “floating green island in the city”.

Dancing House

Dancing House in Melbourne

The design of Dancing House was inspired by the Client’s fondness for tranquil, forested clearings, the interplay between the new and existing frames three courtyards which orchestrate an unfolding engagement with the nuances of nature and the site.