The Peckham Toymaker, LFA 2017

The Peckham Toymaker, LFA 2017

The Peckham Toymaker, an installation on the forecourt of Goldsmith’s University and online audio tour, plus live events, will allow visitors to discover the legend of The Peckham Toymaker, and his dark and exotic tale of loss and playfulness.

Re-Think Competition 2017

Re-Think Competition

“All humanity’s potential lies within the mind. Ideas are a testament to this fact. They change how we live, how we interact, how we feel. Ideas are everything”. Get your work published on TiP, Balmond Studio’s influential, interdisciplinary ideas lab.

Emigration House

Emigration House in Salt Lake City

Design: Steven Christensen Architecture

This design seeks to preserve the natural character of the canyon and avoid the ‘cherry on top of the sundae’ site strategy dictated by the plat. Oriented on the back side of the knoll, and humble in scale by neighborhood standards.

Vision 2017

Vision 2017 in London

On 6 June Vision 2017 will open its doors for the third iteration of the annual built environment exposition. The event promises to gather some of the best architects, designers, researchers, manufacturers and suppliers from across the UK and Europe, for two days of CPD-certified learning and networking.

Francis Crick Building

The Francis Crick Institute, London

Design: HOK / PLP architecture – new photos

The Francis Crick Institute, which opened last year in central London as one of Europe’s largest biomedical and translational research centres, has been named R&D Magazine’s 2017 Laboratory of the Year.