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Atelier Brueckner Architectural Projects, chronological:

9 May 2019
KTM Motohall, Mattighofen, Austria
Architects: Atelier Brueckner
KTM Motohall in Mattighofen Austria
photography © Daniel Stauch

KTM Motohall
ATELIER BRÜCKNER designed the brand world of the world famous sport motorcycles. The architecture stems from Hofbauer Liebmann Wimmesberger Architekten in close cooperation with X ARCHITEKTEN. The opening celebrations are on 11 and 12 May. The exhibition stages the history of the company, its brand values and more then 100 motorcycles.

29 Jul 2016
Archaeology Museum, The Swiss National Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
Archaeology Museum
photograph © Daniel Stauch
Archaeology Museum Zürich by ATELIER BRÜCKNER
The National Museum is opening its new permanent exhibition “Archaeology Switzerland”. It is located in the new building by architects Christ & Gantenbein, which sculpturally complements the horseshoe-shaped old museum building and makes a continuous and uninterrupted visitor viewing route possible.

13 May 2016
Locomotive Sheds for Artists, Wagenhallen, Stuttgart, Germany
Locomotive Sheds for Artists
photograph © Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, Stadtmessungsamt
Locomotive Sheds for Artists in Stuttgart
The Wagenhallen in Stuttgart are to be renovated. On 12 May the municipal council of the state capital declared itself in favour of engaging a company to plan the detailed design of the building.

German Steam Locomotive Museum, Neuenmarkt, Upper Franconia, Germany
Design: Atelier Brueckner
German Steam Locomotive Museum
photo : Michael Jungblut, Berlin

German Steam Locomotive Museum – 17 May 2013
The German Steam Locomotive Museum in Neuenmarkt, Upper Franconia, opens its new exhibition, designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER. The inauguration will take place on May 18. A clear, straightforward design accentuates and structures a range of exhibits saturated with the history of railway technology. Technical processes and the historical background are also illustrated at the same time.

17 Apr 2012

ATELIER BRÜCKNER designs the appearance of Kusch+Co for the Milan Design Week, Italy
PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE. Presentation by Kusch+Co for Milan Design Week:
ATELIER BRÜCKNER design for Kusch+Co
photo : Michael Jungblut
ATELIER BRÜCKNER is designing the premiere of the furniture manufacturer Kusch+Co in Milan, which can be seen at the same time as the furniture show from 17 to 24 April in Superstudio Più. With the motto “Past – Present – Future” the Stuttgart scenographers are setting the scene for the company’s seventy-year history. Awaiting the visitor is an installation in the form of stage scenery that is composed of 50 historical and current chair models. The installation places the treasures of design history in a context of new products.

Blue Night at Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany
Börse Frankfurt Luminale
photo : Uwe Dettmar, Frankfurt am Main
Börse Frankfurt – 12 Apr 2012
The Large Trading Hall at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange was transformed into an artistic installation reflecting the theme “Technology and Man”. Working with the light artist Ingo Bracke of Studio Kybra, ATELIER BRÜCKNER developed a subtle choreography of light and sound that makes it possible to experience the leading German share-trading location in a new way.

Recent Atelier Brueckner Designs

Parliamentarium – European Parliament Visitor Centre, Brussels, Belgium
photograph : Rainer Rehfeld
ATELIER BRÜCKNER : Parliamentarium Brussels
A visitors’ centre of the European Parliament in Brussels – a scenographically staged exhibition in 23 different languages. Planned and designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER, the PARLAMENTARIUM will present the history of the European Union. It will also provide a transparent, informative and experience-orientated explanation of the European Parliament’s function and how it works in practice.

German Film Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
German Film Museum
photo : Uwe Dettmar, Frankfurt/Main

German Film Museum
The German Film Museum in Frankfurt am Main has a completely renovated building containing a permanent exhibition, conceived and designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER from Stuttgart, Germany. In an exhibition area of 800 sqm spread out over two floors, a compact setting is revealed that works with the means and methods of film and, at the same time, reflects them. Narrative spaces, dramaturgically conceived down to the smallest details, immerse the visitor in the world of film.

Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Cologne, Germany
Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum Cologne
photo : Michael Jungblut, Berlin
As of 23 October, the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum is presenting its extensive ethnological collection with a new concept for the contents in a surprising scenographic setting. Stage-managed spaces, conceived and designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER from Stuttgart, entice the visitor into fascinating worlds full of intensity and magic.

Atelier Brueckner – Key Projects

Featured Designs / Buildings by Atelier Brückner, alphabetical:

Bavarian Textile & Industry Museum, Augsburg, Germany
Bavarian Textile und Industry Museum
image from Atelier Brueckner Architekten
tim | Staatliches Textil-und Industriemuseum Augsburg
Bavarian Textile und Industry Museum

BMW Museum design
BMW Museum Munich
photo : Marcus Meyer, Bremen

BMW Museum interior

Darwineum Rostock Zoo, Germany
Darwineum Rostock Zoo
picture from Atelier Brueckner Architekten
Darwineum Rostock Zoo

Magic Box Shanghai Expo, China
Shanghai Expo British Pavilion
photo © Roland Halbe, Stuttgart
Magic Box Shanghai Expo

Museum Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Constance, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Museum Bodman-Ludwigshafen
Konzeption + Rendering by architects
Museum Bodman-Ludwigshafen design

More buildings / designs by Atelier Brückner online soon

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