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wurm+wurm architekten ingenieure News

Architecture by wurm+wurm architekten ingenieure GmbH – latest building additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Reconstruction Multifunctional Building, Jena, south east Germany – 7 + 4 Oct 2013
Design: wurm+wurm architekten
Reconstruction Multifunctional Building Germany by wurm + wurm architekten
photo : Ester Havlova
To obtain the required usable area, an additional floor ceiling was installed in the hall high ceilings with an independent, load-bearing reinforced concrete structure. The center axis of the total of 9 fields was formed as a common foyer and circulation zone over two levels and with two outside entrances, streets and courtyard positioned.

Müllheim Office Building, north west Germany – 4 Oct 2013
Müllheim Office Building Germany
photo : Andreas Pauly
The task of this project was the revitalization of an empty precast concrete office from the 1980`s. After the purchase of the building by the firm DORNER Health IT Solutions the ground floor was to be turned into the firm’s headquarter, whereas the first floor was to contain rentable office space. With an average budget, the client expected to achieve an exceptional level of architecture. After having played with several variations and solutions, we settled for a dark paint finish and reflective panels, giving the building an exclusive look.

Drehmo Building, Wenden, western Germany – 27 Aug 2013
Drehmo Building
photo : Ester Havlova, Walter Fogel
The basic arrangement consists of the assembly hall with the affiliated areas of the loading bay and an automatic shelf storage. The two-story administrative wing situated in front of the assembly hall forms with this an entrance situation. The basement accommodates staff rooms and the canteen, which is naturally lit via a courtyard and expands into this free area with glazing from floor to ceiling.

wurm+wurm architekten ingenieure – Key Projects

Principal Developments by wurm+wurm architekten ingenieure, alphabetical:

Göpel Electronic Building, Germany
Göpel Electronic Germany
picture from architect

GFC Coswig, Dresden, Saxony, Germany
GFC Coswig Building
photo : Ester Havlova

Media Centre Oberkirch, Germany
Media Centre Oberkirch
photo : Ester Havlova

More wurm+wurm architekten ingenieure GmbH project information online soon

Location:Siemensstraße 8. 77815 Bühl, Germany

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