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20th Century Architects Practice in Germany, Europe

Hugo Häring – Key Projects

Major building

Gut Garkau farm, Germany
Dates built: 1923-26
This doesn’t feature in many Histories of World Architecture but does appear in a few more focused publications about European and Modern Architecture.
The architect was at the periphery of the mainstream and not as well known as other 20th Century European architects such as Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius or Mies ven der Rohe.

Work by Hugo appeared in the plan and model exhibition “International Functionalism Design” where more than 60 national and international architects introduced their buildings and designs, including all architects involved at Weissenhofsiedlung (Stuttgart, Germany – 1927 – a building exhibition of Deutsche Werkbund) as well as El Lissitzky, Ernst May, Erich Mendelsohn, van der Vlugt, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Siemensstadt housing project, Berlin, Germany
Dates built: 1929-31
The architect helped contribution to this built design, which was master-planned by architect Hans Scharoun.

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Location:Goppingen, Germany ‘