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Haus W, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
Haus W Frankfurt
photo from architect

House in Frankfurt am Main – 14 May 2013
This well crafted cuboid generates spectacular light. The development, constructed out of prefabricated high insulation timber panels and energy-efficient glazing, is articulated as a classic modernist intervention: a box set into a traditional pitched roof atop a standard three-storey house.

Villa W
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
Villa W Germany
image from architect

Villa W – 4 Apr 2013
This white, monolithic housewill reside in a suburb of Frankfurt. From the street it will appear impenetrable, so delineating a clear demarcation between the public and private realms.The building’sfront elevation is articulated as a series of windowless blocks, its recessed entranceway the only glazed element of its north facing façade.

Pavilion Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, north west Germany
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
Pavilion Siegen
photo © felix krumbholz, courtesy of Ian Shaw Architekten

Pavilion Siegen – 8 Jan 2013
The pavilion’s dramatic, planar form articulates an assured, yet subtle compression of space, framing views of the lake and the local topography. The building’s tectonic rigour is palpable, its seemingly gravity defying configuration enabling the floor plate and ceiling to cantilever some 6m beyond the lakeshore.

More projects by Ian Shaw Architekten online soon

Location:Helmholtzstrasse 35, 60385 Frankfurt am Main, Germany