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Haus im Erlengrund, Rehburg-Loccum, Germany
Date built: 2007
The Haus im Erlengrund represents an original structural form for the family apartment. The floor plan and external form reflect the life that exists within the building. The design therefore develops consistently from the interior outwards, from the space of the family to the space of the city.
The open fireplace between the kitchen and living room visibly expresses the idea of coming together in those rooms. The flame, a Vitruvian motif of civilisation, as expressed symbolically in Gottfried Semper’s translation into a fireplace, represents both the building’s spatial and conceptual centre.

Hundertacht House, Bonn-Kessenich, Germany
Date built: 2007
Hundertacht House
photograph : Stefan Müller, Berlin
Hundertacht House

Rom Hof, Bonn, Germany
Date built: 2014
The city is laid out polycentrically. Over time, the surrounding villages have grown into the interior of the town. Even today, these successively incorporated locales are structurally and spatially perceptible within the fabric of the city; in some instances, despite having been reshaped, they continue to preserve their cores.
The building is assembled in an organismic way. Part and whole stand in a relationship of commensurability in a way that manifests proportional correlations between spaces and forms and is grounded in relations of scale.

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Location:Bonn, Germany ‘

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This architects studio is based in Bonn, western Germany.

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