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Residential Architecture in Germany – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

8 Aug 2016
House am Oberen Berg, Stuttgart, south west Germany
Architect: Alexander Brenner Architekten
House am Oberen Berg
photograph : Zooey Braun, Stuttgart
Contemporary Stuttgart House

House Philipp, Waldenburg, southern Germany – 6 Sep 2013
Design: Philipp Architekten
House Philipp Waldenburg
photo : Victor Brigola

Another simple white-coloured residence, this time located on a small mountain ridge in Southern Germany. The architects say this, “There is a cube placed in this glass box as a key element, completely panelled with Elm Wood. It contains both the kitchen and staircase and at the same time it forms the static backbone for the attic placed on it”.

Haus W, Frankfurt am Main, western Germany
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
Haus Frankfurt
photo from architect

House in Frankfurt am Main – 14 May 2013
This well crafted cuboid generates spectacular light. The development, constructed out of prefabricated high insulation timber panels and energy-efficient glazing, is articulated as a classic modernist intervention: a box set into a traditional pitched roof atop a standard three-storey house.

Villa W, Frankfurt, western Germany
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
Villa W Germany
image from architect

Villa W – 4 Apr 2013
This white, monolithic housewill reside in a suburb of Frankfurt. From the street it will appear impenetrable, so delineating a clear demarcation between the public and private realms.The building’sfront elevation is articulated as a series of windowless blocks, its recessed entranceway the only glazed element of its north facing façade.

New Stuttgart Property, south west Germany
Design: J. MAYER H. Architects
Contemporary Stuttgart Residence
photograph : David Franck

New Stuttgart House – 2 Apr 2013
The new house is on a plot of land near Stuttgart, on a hillside with a generous view of the valley. The owners wanted a new home that would bring this view to life even inside of the building. The house is in a residential area with conventional developments, most of which date from the 1960s. The new, 4-person family home is divided into an elevated ground floor with entrance area, utility room and spa, and a second floor with an open, flowing floor plan containing the living, dining and kitchen areas.

Soft House, Hamburg, northern Germany
Design: KVA Matx
New German House
photo from architect

IBA House Hamburg – 2 Apr 2013
The IBA Hamburg opened to the public in March, 2013. Over 50,000 visitors each week are expected to visit the projects. The SOFT HOUSE is a set of live/work row house units which offer a new model for low carbon construction and an ecologically responsive lifestyle that can be personalized to meet homeowner needs. The Soft House demonstrates how domestic infrastructure can become ‘soft’- engaging flexible living concepts, carbon neutral solid wood construction, and wireless building controls with responsive and performative textiles which create the public identity of the architecture.

Penthouse Simon Residence in Königstein im Taunus, Hesse, western Germany
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
Penthouse Simon
photo : Felix Krumbholz

Residence in Königstein im Taunus – 18 Feb 2013
The concept for this striking penthouse – developed within a late nineteenth century residence in Königstein – was to strip everything back to its essential quality. All existing interior walls were removed and a steel A-Frame introduced to achieve a 7m double height, column free space.

SU House, Stuttgart, south west Germany
Design: Alexander Brenner Architekten
SU House Stuttgart
photo : Zooey Braun, Stuttgart

SU House – 1 Feb 2013
On a plot in a villa quarter at the edge of a forest in the south of Stuttgart, a villa thoroughly designed down to the smallest detail was build for an art lover and her family.

Haus am Weinberg, Stuttgart, south west Germany
Architect: UNStudio
Haus am Weinberg
image © Iwan Baan

Haus am Weinberg – 26 Oct 2012
The Haus am Weinberg is located in a setting that is at one time rural, yet suburban. The location of the villa affords pastoral views of the stepped terraces of an ancient hillside vineyard on one side and cityscape vistas on the other. The inner circulation, organisation of the views and the programme distribution of the house are determined by a single gesture, ‘the twist’. In the Haus am Weinberg the central twist element supports the main staircase as it guides and organises the main flows through the house.

House O, Potsdam-Mittelmark, near Berlin, north east Germany
Design: Peter Ruge Architekten
Haus O
picture © Werner Huthmacher

Haus Potsdam-Mittelmark – 19 Oct 2012
The site lies upon a hill in a beautiful small village in the district Potsdam-Mittelmark in a fantastic scenic situation with breathtaking views over the nearby lake. The surroundings are dominated by a combination of historical and modern mansions. As many of the old large trees on the site should be kept as possible.

Recent German House Designs

Haus Bavaria, Regensburg, southeast Germany
Design: Carlo Berarducci Architecture
Haus Deutschland
photo : Herbert Stolz

Haus Bavaria – 13 Aug 2012
Above the ancient Roman walls of the city of Regensburg, in Bavaria (Germany), the project foresees the total demolition and reconstruction of an edifice which is part of a continuous “quint” dating back to the Middle Ages, overlooking the park on the outskirts of the city (Stadtpark) on the external side and facing the street on the internal side. The gutted building will be totally re-designed and converted into a private home for two people.

Haus N, Lake Wörthsee, Bavaria, southeast Germany
Bembé Dellinger Architekten
Bavarian House
photo : Angelo Kaunat

New German House

JustK, Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg
architekten martenson und nagel · theissen
photograph : Brigida González

Tübingen House

Haus R, Schondorf, Lake Ammersee, Bavaria
Bembé Dellinger Architekten
Schondorf House
photograph : Stefan Müller-Naumann

Bavarian House

German House Designs

Major Residential Architecture in Germany, alphabetical:

Dupli.Casa – House near Ludwigsburg
J. MAYER H. Architects
Ludwigsburg house
photograph : David Franck Photographie

Ludwigsburg house

Hillside House, south west Germany
3deluxe in/exterior
New House Germany
picture from 3deluxe in/exterior

Hillside House

House F, Kronberg, Germany
Meixner Schlüter Wendt Architekten
Kronberg house
photograph : Christoph Kraneburg

Kronberg house

Hundertacht House, Bonn-Kessenich
Uwe Schröder Architekten
Hundertacht House
photograph : Stefan Müller, Berlin

Hundertacht House

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