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Hillside House – Contemporary German House

New German house design by 3deluxe in/exterior

29 Oct 2010

Hillside House Germany

Hillside House Germany Hillside House New House Germany

Design : 3deluxe in/exterior

Hillside House – Luxurious Private Residence

For a 3.700sqm tree-covered hillside plot in South West Germany.

3deluxe are currently planning a superlative private residence: The two-storey luxury bungalow with an effective area of roughly 650sqm is defined by a coherent design concept, individualised down to the last detail. The unique design comprising all elements of architecture, interior construction and furnishing includes a large number of constructive and technical special developments.

Underneath a gleaming metallic outer skin which unites the pitched roof required by building laws and the vertical wall surfaces into an asymmetrically facetted form, the actual building structure shines through: a flat-roofed bungalow, virtually entirely glazed. The extensively perforated meandering metal sheets of the weather permeable building shell enclose a hybrid space that cannot be clearly defined as interior or exterior. On the top floor, a glass penthouse with a generous terrace is located underneath the ornamented metal skin.

Moveable elements allow for unhindered views of the surrounding nature. In the lower storeys, the living area also blends in with the outdoors. Large sliding doors in the surrounding, floor-to-ceiling glazing connect the interior to several terraces and balconies. The effect of spatial amalgamation is visually supported by the delicately profiled glass façade which fades into the background, and the seamless continuation of the flooring.

Inside the house, the open, largely support-free floor plans allow for an unimpeded panoramic view of the plot’s old tree population. The loads of the cantilevering ceilings are transferred mainly from a wall spanning from basement to roof. It is attached to the vertical access route and – corresponding to its function as an essential architectural element – is accentuated by a change of material.

The other elements of the complex statics are inconspicuously integrated into the fixtures so as to preserve the fluent space continuum. The almost complete renouncement of partition walls also contributes to this impression. Wherever necessary, sculptural furniture objects mark the transition between different functional areas. Their dynamic formal language works to blur these – already scarce – boundaries.

All fixtures and furniture in the living areas and the spa in the basement are unica designed by 3deluxe specifically for this house. Flooring materials fabricated according to architects’ drafts bring graphical accents into play. The design of the outdoor facilities with a 16m pool framed by precious wood sun decks and terraces with natural stone flooring also mirrors the high standard of aesthetic, material quality and usage comfort which characterises this exclusive project.

New German house images / information from 3deluxe in/exterior

German House : 3deluxe in/exterior

Location: Munich, Bavaria, southern Germany

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