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Haus M Stuttgart : Architecture

Baden Wurtemburg Residence, Germany – design by Kraus + Schoenberg Architects

6 Nov 2008

Stuttgart House

Architect : Kraus & Schönberg

Residence in Baden Wurtemburg

The requirements and habits of a family are in constant change. Corresponding to growing up children the spatial organization of the family is challenged every day. Both the interior and the urban setting of single family houses are subject to regular alteration. The building should allow for this metamorphosis.

Separation of the existing one storey house and the first floor addition
Stuttgart Haus - Baden Wurtemburg Residence

The small L-shaped existing bungalow is located in a tight urban setting receiving sunlight only in the morning. The extension on the upper floor opens the building to direct sunlight over the course of the day and therefore for a variety of uses and situations. The formerly two dimensional plan is extended into a third dimension, the introverted house is reversed.

Separation of the existing one storey house and the first floor addition
Stuttgart Haus

The different parts of the house are separated by changing surfaces. The existing brick building is left with a rough surface, the new timber frame extension and glass elements are plain, smooth and reflective. These more or less flat surfaces offer various degrees of privacy and a spatial dramaturgy which is animated by the new exposure to daylight.

Two different renders for the old and new structure
Haus Stuttgart

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Kraus Schoenberg

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

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