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Zvi Hecker – Key Projects

Key style: use of the spiral as a form, as the main underlying building concept

Buildings by Zvi Hecker Architect, alphabeitcal:

Aquarium and Aviary, Batumi, Georgia
Dates built: 2007-09
Batumi Aquarium design
image from Zvi Hecker Architekt
Batumi Aquarium & Aviary

Dubiner House, Ramat Gan, Israel
Date built: 1963
Design with Alfred Neumann & Elder Sharon

‘House of the Book’ – The Heinz Galinski School, Berlin, Germany
Date built: 1995
Jewish Community School
For Judische Gemeinde zu Berlin

Royal Dutch Military Police Complex, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date: 2005-
Royal Dutch Military Police Complex
image from architect
KMAR Amsterdam

Spiral Apartment House, Ramat Gan, Israel
Date built: 1990

More architecture projects by architect Zvi Hecker online soon

Location:Berlin, Germany ‘

Zvi Hecker – Practice Information

Zvi Hecker Architekt offices based in Berlin (Germany) + Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Zvi Hecker : German Architects

born Krakow, Poland


Polytechnic School of Architecture Krakow

Emigrated to Israel in 1950

Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa


Practice set up in 1959 with Eldar Sharon
Later Zvi worked with Alfred Neumann

Zvi Hecker Architekt studio in Berlin located in Oranienburger Str.

Zvi Hecker : Berlin Architects

Hecker grew up in Samarkand; studied Architecture in Technion, Haifa; painting at Avni Academy, Tel Aviv; and taught Architecture at Université Laval, Quebec, and Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna. In 1960 he set up his practice in Tel Aviv, and in 1991 he moved his office to Berlin. In Israel, he designed Bat-Yam City Hall, Dubiner House (with A. Neumann and E. Sharon); Spiral Apartment House; Palmach Museum of History, Tel Aviv (with R. Segal); Military Academy in the Negev Desert. In Europe his work includes the Jewish School, Berlin; Lindenstrasse Memorial, Berlin (with E. Weizmann and M. Ullman); Jewish Centre in Duisburg, Germany; and Royal Dutch Military Police Complex, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Hecker lives and works in Berlin.

A Short History Of Mankind, by Zvi – Over the last thousand years we humans have changed very little. We are still less than two meters tall, we reproduce as our ancestors have, and our diet has not changed considerably. Our psychological buildup has hardly changed at all. We believe in gods, we fear the unknown, and we search for protection and security. Our psyche is that of a caveman.

Though we ourselves haven’t changed, we have changed the world around us. We have produced many new toys “to please the time” as Brodsky calls it. These toys have brought mixed blessings and a lot of maintenance.

More maintenance is urgently needed as the planet Earth, impaired by the growing demands of an ever-increasing mankind, shows signs of fatigue. As there is no certainty that anything will actually be done in time, we might as well return to the caves, and this time probably for good.

Polish Solidarity Centre Competition
Polish Solidarity Centre
image from architect

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