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Toronto Houses

Key Contemporary Residential Architecture Developments in Ontario: New Canada Properties

Houses in Toronto

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Toronto Houses. We aim to include buildings that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Ontario, Canada. The focus is on contemporary Toronto residences but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

We have 1 page of Toronto residential architecture selections with links to hundreds of individual project pages.

Toronto Houses

Toronto Residences – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Summerhill House in midtown Toronto – 11 Dec 2017
Architects: AKB, Atelier Kastelic Buffey
Summerhill House Summerhill House
photograph : Shai Gil

In the leafy residential enclave of Summerhill in midtown Toronto, AKB have designed an unabashedly contemporary and exceedingly functional home for a professional couple with a young child. The new 3,900-square-foot home utilizes the foundation and side walls of a previous house on site, and occupies the footprint of the original building with only a modest expansion at the rear. The three-storey datum of the neighbouring homes is maintained.

Flipped House – 23 Nov 2017
Design: Atelier RZLBD
Flipped House in Toronto
photo : Borxu

The product of a gut renovation and second-storey addition to an existing brick bungalow on the south-west edge of the Knob-Hill Park in a residential neighbourhood in Eglinton East on the border between Toronto and Scarborough, Flipped House is a two-storey property designed for a developer looking to offer real estate buyers a modern, turnkey home in a neighbourhood dominated by more traditional architecture.

Millgrove House in Hamilton – 20 Nov 2017

CORE Modern Homes in Toronto – 27 Aug 2017
Design: Batay-Csorba Architects
CORE Modern Homes
photograph : Doublespace Photography

This is a 16,000 sqft seven-unit townhouse development. It explores the potential of spatially oriented apertures that work to induce movement and visual interest within an efficient volume which maximizes programmatic potential. The development occupies a prime site along Eglinton Avenue, within Toronto’s Leaside neighbourhood. This street is to become one of Toronto’s new public transit corridors with the completion of the new LRT line.

Heathdale Residence in Toronto – 5 Jan 2016
Architects: TACT Design
Heathdale Residence
photograph : David Giral

66 Heathdale is a 3,200 sqft custom single-family residence located on the ravine of Cedarvale Park in Mid-town Toronto.

Annex House in Toronto – 1 Dec 2015
Design: Dubbeldam Architecture + Design
Annex House
photograph : Tom Arban and Bob Gundu

The client wished to convert the fragmented property back into a single family residence, suitable for their expanding family and optimized for entertaining, while taking advantage of the two buildings on the site.

Architecture Toronto – chronological list

Tetris House – 1 Oct 2013
Design: Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
House in Toronto
photos : borXu Design

For the architects Tetris is not just a game of block arrangement and fast performance, but it is a quest of effective design. If a designer of space was as structured as Tetris blocks, there would be virtually zero wasted space within a building. This residence tries to squeeze a demanding client’s programme into a 40’ by 110’ lot, with the architects going for ‘no leftover space’.

Totem House – 24 Sep 2013
Design: Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
Ontario Residence
photo : borXu Design

Robert and John are travelers. They collect sculptures by local artists and bring them home. They have a keen eye for modernism and minimal design and they don’t settle for ordinary. They love cooking and they avoid the unnecessary. In building their home, rzlbd respects their curiosity for style. A totem is sculptures within a sculpture. The totem in Totem House is a vertical gallery that exhibits John and Robert’s souvenirs from around the world.

Blue Pie Condo, Toronto – 11 Aug 2013
Design: Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
Blue Pie Toronto
photograph : borXu Design

This is an intriguing transformation of a typical Torontonian condo into the celebration of a man’s living style and artistic curiosities. It is a poetic invasion of the color blue into a white room washed with natural light. The client, a 40-year-old passionate family doctor with a love for colors white and blue, purchases a photograph of an iceberg. The photograph was taken by rzlbd on his explorations of the arctic in which he found respect for the peacefulness of the icebergs. When they find their mutual interest in simplicity, purity and humble environments, the doctor hires rzlbd to alter his living space into a manifesto of these interests.

Recent Canadian Properties

Whale House, Toronto
Design: Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
Toronto house
photo : borXu Design

New Toronto House – 16 Oct 2012
The Whale house is another spatial experiment by rzlbd, a monochromic contemporary manifesto that evolves around a central detached box painted in red standing free inside a three storey height foyer. The building appears to have swallowed the box symbolizing the contemplation space inside the spacious jaw of the whale that swallowed Jonah.

Gallery House in Markham, Toronto
Design: Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
House in Toronto
photo : borXu Design

Gallery House in Markham – 3 Oct 2012
This Toronto house is a contemporary residential structure that adapts an institutional / commercial typology in that all of the spaces have been aligned and arranged along a galleria. One can imagine that all of the served and servant areas of the house have been plugged in to this empty spine. They then have been stretched out to the north and south where they gain exposures, views and natural light.

Patio House, Nortown, Toronto
Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
Patio House
photograph : borXu Design

Patio House Toronto – 17 May 2012
Patio House, located in the Nortown area in Toronto, Ontario, is a minimalist two-storey wood structure house, which carefully responds to three major questions: the needs of the residents, the situation of the site, and the environmental concerns. Being located in a corner lot, the building maintains a presentable façade for the residential street while controlling sun exposure from the west.

Toronto Residences

Toronto Properties, alphabetical:

5/6 House
Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
Toronto Residence
photograph : borXu Design

5/6 House

Cascade House
Paul Raff Studio
Cascade House
image : Ben Rahn

Cascade House

Charcoal House, Pape and Danforth
Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
New Toronto House
image : borXu Design

Charcoal House

House 60
House 60
photograph : Carlyle Routh

House 60

Shaft House
Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
Shaft House Toronto
image : borXu Design

Shaft House

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