7 St Thomas in Toronto

7 St. Thomas in Toronto

Hariri Pontarini Architects worked in close collaboration with St. Thomas Commercial Developments Inc. to design 7 St. Thomas, a building that harmonizes retail and commercial design through an inventive interplay of form and light.

Summerhill House

Summerhill House in Toronto

The AKB, Atelier Kastelic Buffey designed house displays boldly graphic orthogonal geometries which define both front and back elevations, with tall slender windows and deep recessed balconies forming an intriguing composition of solid and void.

Flipped House in Toronto

Flipped House in Toronto

While a typical dwelling Flipped House keeps all public-facing spaces confined to its main floor, with private areas like bedrooms sequestered upstairs. Atelier RZLBD has adopted a configuration that divides public and private zones on either side of a vertical plane.

Millgrove House in Hamilton

Millgrove House in Hamilton

For Toms + McNally Design, Architecture is a response to context. Millgrove House, located in rural Hamilton, sits on a property that contained an abandoned apple orchard, and a hay-growing farm for local use.

Church Wellesley in Toronto

Church + Wellesley in Toronto

3XN’s first North American highrise has been commissioned by a Canadian developer, One Properties in Toronto, Canada. The 43 stories tall building is planned for Toronto’s vibrant and historic Church and Wellesley district.