Heath House Toronto

Heath House in Toronto

Heath House is situated on a uniquely long lot for the city of Toronto, this new home is designed by Sixteen Degree Studio for generous indoor and outdoor living for a busy family of five.

Sara Restaurant Toronto

Sara Restaurant in Toronto

Designed by Odami, Sara Restaurant is located in Toronto’s Entertainment District imagined as an intimate setting, where guests can abandon their devices and be present in the act of dining together.

Abacus Lofts

Abacus Lofts in Toronto

Abacus Lofts, Toronto apartment building design by Quadrangle Architects in the ip Little Portugal neighbourhood: assertive jack-knifing, sculptural front façade, creates a landmark east of bustling Ossington Avenue on Dundas Street West.

Wong Dai Sin Temple

Wong Dai Sin Temple in Toronto

The Wong Dai Sin Temple building design by Shim-Sutcliffe Architects is a modern sacred space that houses a dynamic Taoist community committed to their inner spiritual development through the ancient physical practice of tai chi.

Milky's in Toronto

Milky’s in Toronto

Milky’s dedication to thoughtful design is everywhere, right down to the cup a beverage is served in, which are designed by Batay-Csorba Architects, to focus all attention on the drink inside.