Eq Tower

Eq. Tower in Melbourne

A while ago Elenberg Fraser introduced Igor Kebel, their new Design Director – the time has come to introduce his first project, which they are proud to announce represents a dramatic shift in the Elenberg Fraser design process into a completely parametric environment.

Antwerp Tower

Antwerp Tower in Belgium

The Antwerp Tower renovation has been designed by Wiel Arets Architects; it will extend the tower up to 100 m; utilize is preexisting structure, repurpose its program, to mostly apartments; finished by a closed cavity façade system.

Looping Towers

Looping Towers in Utrecht

The Looping Towers is situated on a main axis between Amsterdam and Utrecht and should act as a social “engine” in the area, which will undergo some major developments within the next years. The transformation will be designed by Peter Pichler Architecture.

Valley Towers by MVRDV at Amsterdam CBD Zuidas

Valley Towers by MVRDV at Amsterdam CBD Zuidas

The Valley contains offices topped with residences. The jagged, natural stone façade is defined via a parametric tool developed by architects MVRDV with Arup Amsterdam. This provided real-time control over quantities of daylight and sunlight, over structural limitations and required privacy. No two apartments are alike.

Tadeo 4909

Tadeo 4909 in Puebla

Designed by Proyecto Cafeína Tadeo 4909 is a building that takes place in a high-growth zone of the city, seeking out to offer an urban, expressive and custom housing. It consists of 8 two-level lofts, each of which is distinct to the others.

Agatha Tower

Ágata Tower in San Pedro Cholula

Designed by Proyecto Cafeína this building’s land use is residential and it is erected from the parking lot upwards to its 7 levels as an element whose shape results from the desired directions, both towards the volcanoes and towards the Cholula pyramid.

IPARK, Daegu Wolbae

IPARK, Daegu Wolbae

Design intervention by UNStudio for two new residential developments in Daegu Wolbae. The project for Hyundai Development Company counteracts the prevailing utilitarian approach. The provocative yet investigative, affordable and health-focused proposal breaks the impersonal homogeneity and the traditions of high density living in South Korea.

Home 13

Home 13

Design by i29 interior architects

The interior is executed in a simple material scheme of large oak wall panels, white plastered walls, dark blue furniture pieces and light grey synthetic floors.