Raffles City Hangzhou Building by UNStudio Architects

Raffles City Hangzhou Building

Conceived by UNStudio as a lively vertical neighbourhood and transit hub and featuring stunning views of the river and West Lake areas: 60-storey contain residential units, Grade A offices, the Conrad Hotel and a rooftop helipad; also retail, restaurants, leisure facilities and parking.

Shenzhen North Station Urban Design Competition

Shenzhen North Station Urban Design Competition

Twelve skyscrapers, an elevated pedestrian network and a green urban park: Mecanoo architecten win the urban design competition for the Shenzhen North Station business district. The 1,36 million sqm development encompasses offices, retail space, apartments and a hotel, integrated with a railway and metro station.

Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang Lodge, Yunnan

Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang Lodge, Yunnan

Villafound Jade is designed by architect Nie Jianping at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is composed of 13 detached villas, a folk custom museum, a restaurant with tea bar, and lodging areas. The architect applied traditional Naxi combined with modern design methods to create a balanced luxury retreat.

Heavenly Water Service Center Qingdao China

Heavenly Water Service Center, Qingdao

The building form by Zhenfei Wang was inspired by nature. It tries to maximise views of the mountains and the lake, getting people close to the water and nature. A three-armed junction system was used to generate the architecture and landscape, the multiple routes system provide maximum visitor experience and accessibility.

Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine

Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine in Jilin Province

When Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co designed the Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine restaurant they respected that the essence of Japanese Cuisine is “right time to eat”, “you have to prepare for the snapper when you feel the chills in your heart”(quoted from Hirohisa Koyama).

Zhongshu Bookstore

Zhongshu Bookstore in Suzhou

Zhongshu Bookstore in Suzhou was designed by Wutopia Lab, architects. The bookstore is divided into four main zones and several subdivided zones: The Sanctuary of Crystal, The Cave of Fireflies, The Xanadu of Rainbows and The Castle of Innocence.

We New Do Beef Hot Pot Restaurant

WE NEW DO Beef Hot Pot Restaurant

Following the “slight flavor of beef” the architects Design: Middle Interior Design Shenzhen Ltd. developed an “urban ranch” design theme. Integrated red brick, granite and wood shapes an interior reflecting in the British Industrial Revolution.

Jingshan Boutique Hotel in Hangzhou

Jingshan Boutique Hotel in Hangzhou

A restrained building, beautifully reflected in an expansive pool. An old pine tree has been saved by architects Continuation Studio to command the courtyard, The project opens up through expansive glazing to the surrounding dense woodland and hills.

White Studio In Shenzhen

White Studio in Shenzhen

“White” is a space full of the color white, on the floor, walls, glass partitions, tables, chairs, linen curtains, all designed to make people feel relaxed and calm. This Shenzhen interior however is warmed up by the retro red brick wall, and the informal and unpolished architectural style.