Ink House 1701 in China

Ink House 1701 in China


The atmosphere is created through items as art painting, light gray natural stone floor, ink-dot-like natural stone wall and customized ink carpet, adding an artistic and human feelings. The design is bold and hard, while the details are fine and soft.

Mind the Sea Sales Gallery

Mind the Sea Sales Gallery in Shenzhen

Design: BLVD International

Different from traditional real estate sales gallery, this project emphasizes more on conceptual feature, aiming to present the environmental, modern and creative branding spirit to visitors.

Xi'an South Gate Plaza

Xi’an South Gate Plaza in Shanxi Province

Design: China northwest architecture design and research institute

Using the space transition and restriction of Okimichi, drawbridge and green within the principle of limited developing and utilization, the outer plaza of South Gate design captures the iconic gesture of Xi’an South Gate.

Tongli Garment Enterprise

Tongli Garment Enterprise in Dongyang City

Design: CCTN

Natural environment around and the characteristics of architecture itself have been taken into full consideration to embody its own quality, increase productivity and improve the factory environment on the premise of harmony and unity.

Savour Salon in Dalingshan

Savour Salon in Dalingshan

Design: Co-Direction Interior Design

Fashion has never been far from design. In a broad sense, interior design can also be regarded as a branch of fashion industry. In creating the space the design team created a fashionable and luxurious atmosphere.

Gray Box House in Guangdong

Gray Box House in Guangdong

Design: AD Architecture

Hidden in a distant coastal village in Shantou, Gray Box is an addition project to a rural self-built house. AD Architecture gives it a different definition. Minimalism and pureness of black white and gray add a unique landscape to this self-built house.

Liuzhou Forest City

Liuzhou Forest City

Design: Stefano Boeri Architetti

The first Chinese Forest City by Stefano Boeri Architetti is turning into reality. A city where offices, houses, hotels, hospitals and schools are entirely covered by plants and trees.