Casa El Remanso Cordoba

Casa El Remanso in Cordoba

Designed by HJ Arquitectura the El Remanso House project is implanted in a flat land of 630sqm of a closed neighborhood in Córdoba. In front of a green space with an old tree called lapacho that frames the view and works as a private square.

Casa LLV Cordoba

CASA LLV in Cordoba

Designed by FLV Arquitectura, CASA LLV is located in a closed neighborhood bordered the background with a green landscape of great landscape granted by a channel that crosses the neighborhood from axis to axis.

Smoked Scribe Office Cordoba

Smoked Scribe Office in Cordoba

Designed by MZ Arquitectos, Smoked Scribe Office is located on one of the main arteries, in the heart of the city of Córdoba, this period space is located on a third floor, neglected by the passing of the years, but with invaluable potential.