VVIP Circuit House Pune Building

VVIP Circuit House Pune Building

VVIP Circuit house, by by Sunil Patil and Associates, is government guest house accommodating VIP, VVIP officials, ministers and many visitors. Though primarily a guest house, it also acts as a node for political meetings, government authorities’ discussions and conferences.

The Street in Mathura

The Street in Mathura

Taking a cue from the old city streets of Mathura city in India where this project is located, this 800 room students’ hostel, designed by Sanjay Puri Architects, creates organic spaces.

The Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad

The Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad

Group DCA’s project the Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad combines a contemporary design and rich materials to create a exclusive lounge space. The old artwork and stylish framed photographs further create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere which is characteristic of the studio.

Punjab Kesari Headquarters Office in Delhi

Punjab Kesari Headquarters Office Building, Delhi NCR

Translation of a traditional Indian facade pattern (Jali) using digital simulations into an iterative processes to create a responsive built form. Sustainability is central to the design by Studio Symbiosis Architects, via optimized natural lighting, cross ventilation and heat gain reduction. Landscape flows inside the building through an urban lobby.

Centre Court Villa

Centre Court Villa in New Delhi

This property by Pomegranate Design spread over 2.5 acres of land, this modern residence is designed on the principles Japanese zen module modelling linear lines. Exemplifying a strategic use of voids over mass, the spaces that have been developed reserve a visual axis of their own.

Forecourt of the Government Museum and Art Gallery

Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh

Le Corbusier’s use of exposed reinforced concrete and brick cladding for the museum’s facade symbolized the emergence of novel building typologies and the “arrival of the modern” in India as a newly independent nation. The Government Museum and Art Gallery is also recognized as a Grade-1 heritage site in India.

Kanakpura School Building in Bengaluru | www.e-architect.co.uk

Kanakpura School Building in Bengaluru

Design: The Purple Ink Studio, architects

The programmatic values of the school believe in breaking away from the standard scholastic teaching system. The design embraces the creative enterprise of ‘flexible learning’ to cater to the needs of a heterogeneous group of learners.

Mumbai's suburban railway system Kalyan Station

Mumbai Railway Stations Revamp

Design: JDAP Design-Architecture-Planning, Architects

Mumbai’s suburban railway system carries over 7 million passengers daily and is one of the busiest commuter rail networks in the world. The overground railway lines that cut through the city, form quite literally the framework upon which the city has been built over the years.

New Delhi Architecture – Buildings India

New Delhi Buildings, Architects India, Photos, Tower, Offices, Houses, News New Delhi Architecture : Indian Buildings Information Key Contemporary Architecture Developments in New Delhi, India, Asia Architecture in New Delhi We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of New Delhi Architecture. We aim to include Indian Buildings in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon that…

Verma Residence

Verma Residence in Gurgaon

Architects: Untitled Design

The clients appreciate art, hence it was natural that the house would have unique art pieces in the way of paintings and sculpture; these were sourced by them from upcoming artists.