Da Portare VIA Restaurant in Utrecht

Da Portare VIA Restaurant in Utrecht

Studio Modijefskys design of the interior to the Da Portare VIA restaurant in utrecht shows subtle winks to classic Italian décor: from the black and white tiles covering the feet of the bar to the vitrine in the bar and the pizza oven. Circled by mirrors, the reflections create a profound and memorable VIA experience.

St. Gerlach Pavilion and Manor Farm

St. Gerlach Pavilion and Manor Farm

Design: Mecanoo, architects

This historic Dutch estate in the hilly Limburg countryside combines a luxury hotel, restaurant and spa. the architect practice designed an elegant pavilion building, with a curvaceous cantilevered roof, completing the ensemble of historic buildings.

St. Gerlach Pavilion and Manor Farm

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Zaans Medical Centre Building, Zaandam

Zaans Medical Centre Building, Zaandam

Design: Mecanoo architecten

The first lean hospital building in the Netherlands. An efficient and compact building in which professional healthcare and a personal approach strengthen each other. Clear routing, abundant daylight, and positive distractions contribute to an environment promoting wellbeing.

The Garden Studio

The Garden Studio in Bussum

Design: Serge Schoemaker Architects

The Garden Studio in Bussum involves the design and construction of a freestanding shed in a private garden that functions as a study, guest accommodation and storage.


Schoolgarden in Roosendaal

Architects: RO&AD architecten

RO&AD architecten’s latest project is a school with a schoolgarden which is actually built by the teacher and the students themselves. We are proud, but more so are they.

Villa 1 Veluwe Zoom house by Powerhouse Company | www.e-architect.co.uk

Villa 1, Veluwe Zoom: Dutch House Design

Design: Powerhouse Company, Architects

Set in the woodlands the residence program is oriented towards terrain views and the sun. Half of the program is pushed below ground to meet local zoning regulations. A clear dichotomy is formed in the spatial experience of the house – a ‘glass box’ ground floor and a ‘medieval’ basement.

Landscape Villas, The Netherlands by Uri Cohen Architects | www.e-architect.co.uk

Landscape Villas – Netherlands Property

Design: Uri Cohen Architects

Architectural competition winner, located by a historical monumental farm. This scheme is based on the ambiguity of the location; on one hand it is a sequence of large objects on the edge of the neighborhood and on the other hand it is a part of the neighborhood of one family house.