One out of four – Israeli Interior, Gedera Building

One out of four, Israeli Architecture, Gedera Building, Image, Architect, Design

One out of four, Israel

Gedera Interior: New Architecture – design by Lior Vaknin + Sabi Aroch, Architects

19 Apr 2009

One out of four

Date: 2009

Design : Lior Vaknin + Sabi Aroch

Location: Gedera, south of Rehovot, southern Israel

One out of four Israel Israel Project New architecure in Gedera, Israel Gedera Interior

One out of four

The one out of four project started it’s conceptional way as a prototype to four different functions in the domestic space as one element.

This architectural project in Gedera contains in it the bar, dining area, kitchen’s table and storage area.
It functions In different way on the time line and redefines the space and at the same breath answers on other needs.

It’s hanged from the ceiling on a vertical shaft with no base and out of it the four elements are created. All this elements are disconnected from the floor and create the levitation effect, in which the project is floating.

Gedera building Gedera architecture Building in Gedera, Israel One out of four in Gedera

One out of four Israel – Building Information

Location: Gedera, Israel. Street – Hazrkon, 7.
Client: kfir Bason.
Design dates:
Commencement: 18.01.2008
End: 18.02.2008
Construction Dates:
Commencement: 12.01.2008
End: 01.02.2009
Mark Materails: Gypsum, wood, ceramics
Interior Area: 40 square meters
Photos: Felix Spivack

Gedera Building Israeli Interior architecture Israeli Interior Gedera Building interior

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One out of four

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