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We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Jordan Architecture. We aim to include interesting design-led Jordanian buildings / projects.

We cover completed Jordan buildings, new building designs and architecture competitions. The focus is on contemporary Jordanian buildings but information on traditional architecture in Jordan is also welcome.

Jordan Building – Latest Design

Wadi Rum Lodges
Oppenheim Architecture + Design
Wadi Rum
image from architect

Wadi Rum Lodges – 21 Apr 2011
International “green” architect Chad Oppenheim sets a new benchmark for design and ecological sensitivity with the Wadi Resort—located in Wadi Rum, Jordan, set for completion in 2014. Oppenheim Architecture + Design (OAD) beat out a global competition and will execute an unprecedented project comprised of 47 desert lodges, setting forth a future primitive experience for the avid globetrotter, an hour and a half outside of Petra, the ancient city of the Nebataeans carved into the desert rock.

Jordanian Buildings

Jordan Buildings, alphabetical:

Bridging the Rift Research facility, Wadi Araba, southern Jordan

King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art Building
Zaha Hadid Architects
King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art
building image from Zaha Hadid

King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art
This major new Jordanian building – a performing arts and cultural centre – includes a 1600-seat concert theatre, 400-seat theatre, educational centre, rehearsal rooms, and galleries.

‘Living Wall’ project, Amman, northern Jordan
Foster + Partners
Living Wall Project
image © Foster + Partners

Jordan buildings
Living Wall is a 150,000-square-metre mixed-use complex set on an excavated rock shelf at the base of a sheer cliff face in the centre of Amman.

Petra Visitors’ Centre, Arabah, Ma’an Governorate, Jordan, southern Jordan
Edward Cullinan Architects
Petra Visitors Centre Jordan
picture from architect

Petra building
Petra is a magical place for the other-worldliness of its topography and geology alone. The power of this landscape must have inspired the Nabateans to make it their sacred home, carving the rock over many centuries to create their city.

Queen Alia International Airport, Amman
Foster + Partners
Queen Alia International Airport
picture © Foster + Partners

Queen Alia International Airport
The design for this building combines function, technology and a distinct sense of place to provide a greatly expanded and enhanced gateway to the region.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Headquarters, Amman

Niels Torp Arkitekter

More Jordan architecture projects online soon


Key building in adjacent country to Jordan

Kuwait National Assembly
Architect: Jørn Utzon
Architectural competition 1972

Middle East Architecture

Saudia Arabian Buildings
Breakwater Beacon
image : UAP

Israel Buildings
Peace Peres House Jaffa
image : Archivio Fuksas

Lebanese Buildings
486 Mina El Hosn Beirut
picture from architects

Middle East Architecture

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Syrian Building

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