Capital Bank in Amman

Capital Bank in Amman Building

PARADIGM DH designed Concrete with translucency sets special effects through play of light and shadow on the Capital Bank’s Facade in Jordan with Self-Supporting LUCEM Light-Concrete Walls.

House for A Son in Amman, Jordan

House for A Son in Amman

On a 7,000 sqm site of rolling hills and serene landscapes to the west of Amman, sits the Maani Residence. As one of the capital’s highest peaks at around 1000m above sea level, the site affords breezy and moderate weather year round and overlooks views of Jordan’s picturesque terrain and the hills of Jerusalem.

Serviced Apartments Compound in Jordan

Serviced Apartments Compound in Jordan

In the heart of Amman, in one of the most important location with excellent view located on the 3rd Round About directly, the client decided to develop Luxurious 5 star Serviced Apartment Compound. The podium levels will be used for high end retail outlets, Cafeteria, Gym and Spa.

Jordan River Peace Park

Jordan River Peace Park

A team of architects from the Yale School of Architecture’s Urban Design Workshop (YUDW) and Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is set to move forward on part of the proposed Israeli-Jordanian Jordan River Peace Park (JRPP), to be the first peace park in the Middle East.

Queen Alia International Airport

Queen Alia International Airport – Amman Building, Jordan

Design: Foster + Partners

The architects have produced a majestic, elegant building for Jordan. The have taken the repetitive pattern and top-lit concept of their earlier Stansted Airport building and improved it with a wonderful treatment of concrete. The building is a heavyweight, concrete flowing but controlled – articulated by well-placed joints. It seems like a return to the serious concrete structures of the past.

Dead Sea Leisure Center, Jordan

Cristal – The Dead Sea Gem

Cristal is located where we understand the essential of nature: its fragility. Today, the level of the Dead Sea, lowest emerged point in the earth, is reducing by one meter per year and is destined to disappear in 2050.

Living Wall Amman building site

Amman Building, Jordan – Living Wall, Development

Amman Building, Jordan Architecture, Images, Cliff Project, Proposal, News, Architect Living Wall – Amman Development Living Wall Building, Jordan – design by Foster + Partners Architects 15 May 2007 Living Wall Amman Date: 2006-09 Design: Foster + Partners images © Foster + Partners Living Wall is a 150,000-square-metre mixed-use complex set on an excavated rock…