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Israeli Houses

Key Contemporary Residential Developments in Israel, Middle East

Houses in Israel

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Israeli Houses. We aim to include buildings that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

We cover completed residential buildings, new building designs and architecture competitions across Israel. The focus is on contemporary Israeli residences but information on traditional Israel homes is also welcome.

Major Israeli Properties – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

5 July 2019
The GN House, Rishon LeZion
Design: Erez Segalovitz Architecture
GN House, Rishon LeZion residence Israel
photograph : Yoav Peled

GN House, Rishon LeZion Residence
Surrounded by houses built in the 1940s with sloping roofs covered by concrete tiles, the GN house stands out with its bright color and modernist simple shape.

3 Dec 2018
Eco360, Arsuf, central Israel
Design: Geotectura Studio
Energy Positive Villa
photo : Lior Avitan

Energy Positive Villa

15 Jan 2018
5 Meters Residence, Tel Mond
Architects: Studio Ron Shenkin
5 Meters Residence
photograph : Shai Epstei

5 Meters Residence in Tel Mond
On a relatively small plot, Ron Shenkin designed a challenging private house only 5 meters in width. The construction rights created the limitations of a very small land cover, restrictive and even curved construction lines and a rectangular house where every centimeter counts. “Winning land in this country is equivalent to winning the lottery,” Shenkin says.

7 Nov 2017
New Residence in the Galilee
Design: Golany Architects
New Residence in the Galilee
photograph : Amit Geron

Residence in the Galilee
Designed by Tel-Aviv based practice Golany Architects, the house overlooks the Sea of Galilee with a sweeping view of the Galilee from every room. The generous openings facing the view to the south and east, require the provision of shading and filtering against the intense sun, which is provided by the wooden shutters. The shutters slide in adjustment to the position of the sun and privacy requirements.

11 Oct 2017
The Black Core House, Tel Aviv
Design: Axelrod Architects
The Black Core House in Tel Aviv
photograph : Amit Geron

The Black Core House in Tel Aviv
Axelrod Architects, led by Principal Irit Axelrod, recently transformed a single-family house in Tel Aviv to reflect the homeowners’ love of serenity and sleek modern design, and the firm’s vision of modern residential architecture.

10 Jun 2017
Beam House, Arbel
Design: Uri Cohen Architects
Beam House in Arbel |
photo from architect

Beam House – Israel Residence
This home has been designed for a client who wished to build his home next to his farm. The design combines some of the utilitarian images of the agriculture buildings in that area with the fascination to the ‘beams’ construction of a ‘country home’.

19 May 2017
TLV House, outskirts of Tel Aviv
Design: Metropole Architects
TLV House
photograph : Grant Pitcher

TLV House in Tel Aviv
This residential project represents the crowning achievement of a successful international collaboration between an Israeli client and project manager, an Arab Israeli contractor, a Russian Israeli engineer and a South African architect.

18 Apr 2017
Neve Monson House
Architects: Daniel Arev Architecture
Neve Monson Home
photograph : Daniel Arev

Neve Monson House
According to the request of the clients, the house was planned with “Provence” characteristics. Since the time and age of these characteristics has long passed by, a few traditional details were adopted in the design but were given a modern twist.

17 Apr 2017
G-Flat Tel Aviv Duplex
Design: Gali Amit Architects
Tel Aviv Tower Duplex Apartment
image Courtesy architecture office

Tel Aviv Tower Duplex Apartment
G-Flat – located at the heart of a metropolis, this duplex apartment is on the 32/33 floor of a Tel Aviv tower.
It is endowed with large floor-to-ceiling windows, showing magnificent cityscapes 24/7 As reflection to an urban landscapes, the apartment appropriates a ‘sense of urbanism’ in having a double height ‘public space’ along with its selected materials and tonality.

6 Feb 2017
A Concrete Composition House, Rishpon
Architects: Studio de Lange
A Concrete Composition
photography : Amit Geron Article translator and asst. writer – Danna Colin, Designer

A Concrete Composition House in Rishpon
Laid on an 8,000 sqm (20 Acre) plot, two concrete rectangles perpendicular to one another form the letter T. Between them stands a light vertical element. This home was envisioned as an unfolding sequence of simple geometric forms that compose an entire spatial experience.

1 Oct 2016
T House in Tel Aviv
Design: Neuman Hayner Architects
T House in Tel Aviv
photography : Amit Gosher

Contemporary House in Tel Aviv
The house was planned for a family of four. Two cubes separated by a passage combine into an “L” shaped house. The front cube, of double height space, holds the public areas: entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room (all on the ground floor) and a study on the first floor.

21 Mar 2016
Concrete House, Even Yehuda
Design: Studio Ron Shenkin
Concrete House
photograph : Shai Epstein

New House in Even Yehuda
This residential property consists of two rectangles placed perpendicularly on top of each other. The two rectangles connected by a bare concrete strip with a wooden like texture, formed by the formwork from where it was produced, this concert strip act as a ribbon, wrapping the rectangles together.

Kol-Tzivion Residential Project

Concrete Cut House in Ramat Gan

B House in Ramat Hasharon

The Hidden House in Tel Aviv

Open and Transparent to the City – Israel Residence

Float House – Israel Residence

Ramat Hasharon House – Israel Residence

CH house, Tel Aviv – 19 Sep 2013
Design: Domb architects
Contemporary House in Tel Aviv
photo : Amit Geron

A house in the periphery of Tel Aviv, Israel. The design is clean and very limited in architectural elements. Basic finish materials: white plaster, iron and glass. The old house served the family while raising children. Now, when the children left home, it is home for the couple and serves for hosting the family and the grandchildren.

Urban Villa, Tel Aviv – 1 Aug 2013
Design: Pitsou Kedem Architects
Urban Villa Tel Aviv
photo : Amit Geron

In the 1950s what was known as the “International Style” was highly developed in Tel Aviv. It developed thanks to architects who studied at the Bauhaus Institute in Germany and who then returned to Israel to continue their work. One of the architects who led the “International Style” was Dov Carmi. He designed many, usually large, projects. One of his more restrained projects was an urban villa in the center of Tel Aviv which he designed in 1951.

WO House, Kiryat Tivon – 24 Jun 2013
Design: SO Architecture
WO House Kiryat Tivon
photo : Shai Epshtein
WO house was built in Kiryat Tivon, in one of the beautiful and green neighborhoods of the town. The house was built on a hard, oblong, narrow, trapezoidal plot in a zone of 750 sqm, the house surface itself is 250 sqm including a public space, a work space and four bedrooms.

Archeological House, Ramat Ishay
Design: Uri Cohen
Archeological House Israel
image from architect

The scheme proposes to combine the ancient building complex with the new one by a central space. This allows observation from the ancient part to the new and vice versa, while it gives a new vertical dimension to the typology of the patio hinted at the ancient remains. The ‘floating’ structure of the building covers the ‘Antiquities Courtyard’, protecting it from rain, wind and sun while creating conditions of natural and artificial lighting. In this way, the ‘Antiquities Courtyard’ becomes a useful and meaningful outdoor space.

Zipper House, Lachish – 20 Jun 2013
Design: Uri Cohen
Zipper House Israel
image from architect

The challenge in this scheme was to add a second house to the site in such a way that both will create an assembly of space and activity between the two families and still allow division and privacy.

Beam House, Arbel
Design: Uri Cohen Architects
Beam House
photo from architect

Beam House – 5 Jun 2013
This home has been designed for a client who wished to build his home next to his farm. The design combines some of the utilitarian images of the agriculture buildings in that area with the fascination to the ‘beams’ construction of a ‘country home’.

Hotel Villa, Yessod Hammala, north east Israel
Design: Uri Cohen Architects
Hotel Villa Israel
image from architect

Hotel Villa Yessod Hammala – added 31 May 2013
This is a preservation and an extension of a historic heritage monument on the first street in Yessod Hammala, which was built by the ‘pioneers’ in the late 19th century. It’s located in a tourist area and this makes it possible (or at least part of it) to be used in the future as a boutique hotel or for another commercial use. This was the prime reason of creating one long corridor crossing the entire site which connects all kind of (outside) spaces that can be joined or rejoined in different phases for the future. The complex can by used as one, two or even three living units, one house with commercial space or guest rooms or even the whole complex as one hotel.

Contemporary Desert House in Israel
Design: Uri Cohen Architects
Desert Home Lachish
photo from architect
Desert Home Lachish – 11 Jun 2013
The scheme of this house combines one spatial solution from two constraints; one from the location and the other from the specific needs of the client.

Gassul House, Tivon, north Israel
SO architecture
Gassul House Israel
picture from architect

Gassul House – near Haifa
The geometry and openings in this building were created while mainly aiming the beautiful landscape of the Carmel Mountain and the will to preserves the existing trees. The north elevation that faces the landscape is largely opened to the view. The privacy of the inhabitant vis-à-vis the street is preserved due to the cantilevered porch that is 2 m higher than the street. The Kitchen is located close to the entrance and serves easily the dinning lot and the living space.

House N, Even Yehuda
Sharon Neuman & Oded Stern-Meiraz
House N Even Yehuda, Israel
picture from architects

House Even Yehuda

Tel Aviv House
Chyutin Architects
Tel Aviv House
photograph from architect

Tel Aviv House

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