Rothschild Tower Tel Aviv

Rothschild Tower Tel Aviv Building

Richard Meier & Partners completes its first international residential tower. The new building is inspired by the scale and Bauhaus design principles of its White City neighbors. A double layer façade of clear glass with a delicate white louver screen inspired by traditional Middle Eastern clothing provides lightness and transparency.

Google Office Tel Aviv Interior Design

Google Office Tel Aviv Interior Design

The new Google Office in Tel Aviv represents a new milestone for Google in the development of innovative work environments: nearly 50% of all areas have been allocated to create communication landscapes, giving countless opportunities to employees to flexibly collaborate and communicate with other Googlers in a diverse and inspiring environment.

Beam House in Arbel |

Beam House – Israel Residence

Design: Uri Cohen Architects

This home was designed for a client who wished to build his home next to his farm. The property design combines some of the utilitarian images of local agriculture buildings focusing on the ‘beams’ construction of a ‘country home’.

TLV House

TLV House in Tel Aviv

Design: Metropole Architects

The project represents the crowning achievement of a successful international collaboration between an Israeli client and project manager, an Arab Israeli contractor, a Russian Israeli engineer and a South African architect.

Blanco Office

Blanco Office in Tel Aviv

Architects: Roy David Studio

Blanco is a fresh and revolutionary advertising company specializing in projects from varied fields. As the team started getting bigger, Blanco partnered with Roy David Architecture Studio to design their new 200 sqm office.

Neve Monson Home

Neve Monson House

Architects: Daniel Arev Architecture – new photos

The clients desired “Provence” characteristics. Traditional details were adopted but given a modern twist. Key characters were the roof design and the simple geometry of the façades.

Tel Aviv Tower Duplex Apartment

Tel Aviv Tower Duplex Apartment

Design: Gali Amit Architects

Large floor-to-ceiling windows show magnificent cityscapes. The apartment appropriates a ‘sense of urbanism’ with a double-height ‘public space’ with selective materials and tonality.

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

Design: Miron Sorin, from Miron Sorin Architects

The harsh desert climate environment and the industrial neighborhood imposed limited openings size and acoustic design for the upper floors. The lobby has wide, shaded structural glazing walls.

Academy of Advanced Studies in Jerusalem

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