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Featured Buildings by Lior Vaknin, alphabetical:

Barber shop, Rehovot, Israel. Street – Sderot Hen 31.
Date built: 2008
Design : Lior Vaknin + Sabi Aroch
Israeli building
image from architect practice

Rehovot building

One out of four, Gedera, Israel
Date built: 2009
Design: with Sabi Aroch
One out of four Project
image from architect office

One out of four

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Location:Tel Aviv, Israel

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Lior Vaknin, architect – a short Biography

Lior was fascinated by internal design from an early age, first encountering the subject in building tree houses and temporary enviroments as a kid. As a teenager Vaknin already experimented with new materials. The subject of design according to concepts inspired by nature sprang in him at that time.
As a child with learning disabilities, Vaknin spent most of his time outside the normative enviroment and school, and turned his energies to natural and temporary design, as a kind of a “street boy”.
Lior eventually did arrive to the academic studies of design, and after spending a short time in an orthodox job working in a design firm, went in an independent way, in order to better express his own unique approach to the subject of design. Lior is now head of “Prototype Designers”, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
This Israeli architect recently finished an innovative project of a barber shop in Rehovot, Israel, “The Strand Project”. The project started its way by considering the idea of what a hair strand is and what kind of insights it can provide for designing the interior space of the barber shop.

The architect is currently involved in several other projects, including a project of a boarding school for children in risk. Another innovative project is a modular furniture product, “The Polyp”, currently in production stages, to be marketed in a few monthes.

Israeli Architecture
BGU University Be'er Sheva Building
photographs : Ardon Bar Hama

Lior VAKNIN Recent B.DESIGN Graduate from The College of Management Academic Studies in ISRAEL

Birth Date – 18/01/81


Oct 2003 – Jul 2007 B.DESIGN College of Management

Sep 2005 art studio
University of Venice


Apr 2007 – owner of “Prototype Designers” company.

Nov 2006 – Feb 2007 “JP Friedman , Architects”,
-Experience on Interior Design

Feb 2006 – Apr 2006 KESHET,
– Video Making
Participate in the production of a television series
For the Israeli channel 2, in association with “enosh”

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