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Kaffeplassen Norway : Jevnaker Architecture

Norwegian Coffee house, by the Telemark canal – design by SKAARA Architects in Norway

2 Apr 2010


Design: SKAARA Architekter

Norwegian Coffee house Kaffeplassen Kaffeplassen Norway

Kaffeplassen – “coffee spot”

The site got it’s name from earlier days when people in the area used to enjoy their coffee and snacks overlooking the Telemark canal in the evening sun.

The new house is set-back from the road, connected with a “flying” bridge crossing the informal natural garden.

The bridge continues like a diagonal cutting through the rectangular building and leads visitors to the double height gallery opening towards the wide westward view. At the same time this space works as an intermediate zone between the private an public rooms of the house.

The construction is simple with a two storey masonry of lightweight concrete, prefabricated concrete slab floor between the stories, completed with a low-angle shed roof with overhanging canopy on the west side.

Norwegian Coffeehouse Norwegian Cafe Norway Coffee house

Kaffeplassen images / information from SKAARA Architekter

SKAARA Architekter

Location:Jevnaker, Norway

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