Cottage Buholmen, Norwegian House

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Cottage Buholmen Norway : Architecture

New Norwegian House – design by SKAARA Architects

2 Apr 2010

Cottage Buholmen


Design: SKAARA Architekter

Cottage Buholmen Cottage Buholmen Buholmen Property Buholmen House

The cottage replaces an old shed and supplied with a new outhouse and new pier.
The building is twofold with one residence zone and one bedroom area, combined with a protected patio giving shelter to different wind conditions.

The situation forms an open wing plan which opens towards the south. The south wing contains the private zone with compact sleeping cabins. The east wing consists of one large open living/kitchen area, divided by a split-level, emphasising the view put the straight towards Jomfruland. The form is dynamic with a wedge-shaped plan and a roof form that embraces the view to the bay in the front.

The pine facade is treated with iron-sulfate which together with the sedum-moss roof captures the colouring in the environment.

Buholmen Cottage Norwegian House New Norwegian House

Cottage Buholmen images / information from SKAARA Architekter

SKAARA Architects

Location:Buholmen, Norway

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