Under Restaurant in Baly

Under Restaurant in Båly

Snøhetta Completes “Under”, Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant. The restaurant also functions as a research center for marine life, providing a tribute to the wild fauna of the sea.

Daytrip Cabin in Hammerfest

Daytrip Cabin in Hammerfest

Designed by SPINN Arkitekter Daytrip Cabins were commissioned by The Norwegian Trekking Association and the first of a series of unique , built to make treks in the Norwegian Mountains more accessible for novice hikers and explorers, has been completed.

Opera House Oslo waterfront building

Oslo Buildings – Architecture Norway

Oslo buildings, Norway – New Cultural Center for Norwegian Waterfront in Oslo Architecture Competition by STaRT: this architecture competition – discover buildings & architects, photos, news in the Norwegian capital – Oslo architecture, designs, property + developments.

Outdoor Care Retreats in Oslo

Outdoor Care Retreats in Oslo

In the peaceful forests only a short distance from two of Norway’s largest hospitals, Snøhetta has designed secluded wooden shelters aspiring to make hospitalization easier for patients and their families.

Efjord Retreat on Halvaroy Island

Efjord Retreat on Halvarøy Island

Architect Snorre Stinessen’s client desired a retreat that focused on the panoramic views of the site, but also transported them to a feeling of isolation and total privacy, away from hectic work days in the city.