Cottage Haellestrand, Norway House

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Cottage Haellestrand Norway

Contemporary Rural Norwegian Property – design by SKAARA Architects

2 Apr 2010

Cottage Haellestrand

Date built: 1999

Design: SKAARA Architekter

Cottage Haellestrand Cottage Haellestrand Cottage Haellestrand

The project is a result of a private architect competition, where the owner wanted proposals that took care of an optimal terrain adaptation. The plot was part of a protected landscape.

The task was to design a summer cottage partly customized to the natural area, the magnificent rocks and the birch trees.

The cottage replaces an old fisherman’s hut, which was situated on the backside of the large rocks.

Haellestrand Cottage Haellestrand Property Rural Norwegian Property

Lawns and retaining walls are residuals from the former garden. The building is stepped up from the entrance level and leads up to the level of the viewpoint terrace that fronts straight out through Dynekilen, with a large residence zone against the garden.

The volumes are consciously split into smaller units and levels the adaptation to the landscape.

On the façade there is used untreated aspen with parts of local natural stone that strengthens the bond to the context.

Haellestrand House Haellestrand Residence Haellestrand Property

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SKAARA Architekter

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