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Key Residences in NY, USA – Contemporary American Real Estate, Long Island Homes

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New York State Residences

Nov 28, 2017
Contemporary NYC Loft, Brooklyn
Design: Dorothee Junkin Design Studio
Contemporary Loft in NYC
visualization : Lunas Visualization

Contemporary Loft in NYC
Upon being gut renovated, the 3,800 sq ft loft will be the client’s secondary residence. It serves as both a calm and airy space to come home to after a hectic day or a versatile private space to entertain friends and guests in the great room or on the private rooftop.

Nov 18, 2017
S Residence, Upper West Side, Manhattan
Design: Yuuki Kitada Architect
S Residence in New York
photo : Yuuki Kitada

S Residence in New York
The apartment occupies a top floor of a New York City, high-rise residential building located on the west side of Central Park, with beautiful views facing east over the park.

Nov 3, 2017
North Sea House ,Southold on the North Fork of Long Island, NY
Architects: Berg Design
North Sea House on Howard Beach
photo : Edward Caruso

North Sea House in Southold on the North Fork of Long Island
Hurricane Sandy had taught the couple to be brave in the face of adversity and to place less value on material possessions. With these important lessons in mind and broad instructions for a “modern, sleek beach house”, a residence with interlocking interior and exterior space was designed that seamlessly connected to the landscape.

Sep 7, 2017
House for Booklovers and Cats, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
Design: BFDO Architects pllc
House for Booklovers and Cats
photo : Francis Dzikowski

House for Booklovers and Cats in Brooklyn
The clients – an artist, poet and professor / a poet and administrator – purchased a row house in Brooklyn. They desired interesting ways to bring color and light in. They also wanted to create good spaces to live and work and to display their extensive collection of art and books. The design brief also called for special accommodations for their two cats.

Jul 17, 2016
Ferry Road House, North Haven, Suffolk County, Long Island
Design: Blaze Makoid Architecture, Architects
Ferry Road House in North Haven
photo from architects

New House in North Haven – 17 Jul 2016
Inside the home, the architects designed the private spaces to be secluded, and the public spaces to be grand and open. For privacy and to allow natural light inside, they employed slats of rich teak over some of the windows for a screened effect, playing with the spacing of the louvers, allowing the outside to be seen from inside, but not vice versa.

Major New York Apartment

Greenwich Village Loft, NYC
Design: UNStudio, architects
Greenwich Village Loft Manhattan property interior
photo : Iwan Baan

Greenwich Village Loft – 26 Aug 2010
The existing loft space was characterized by challenging proportions: the space is long and wide, but also rather low. Gently flowing curved walls were introduced to virtually divide the main space into proportionally balanced spaces. This created zones of comfortable proportions for domestic use, while simultaneously generating a large amount of wall space for the display of art.

Ben van Berkel: “The loft really is a hybrid space; as much a private museum as a living space. Because of that, flexibility is all; few rooms are actually fixed and most are interchangeable, so that in the end the areas devoted to living and to art are completely merged.”

Key Recent New York Houses

New Houses in New York State

This page contains a selection of major New York house designs, with links to individual project pages. We’ve selected what we feel are the key Manhattan residential buildings, USA, but real estate additions are always welcome.

East Hampton House, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY
Design: Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects LLP
East Hampton House
image from architects

East Hampton House – 15 Jun 2013

HOUSE R, Hamptons, Long Island
Design: ABIBOO Architecture
South-Hamptons House Design
image : ABIBOO Architecture
South Hamptons Villa – 20 Jan 2013
This 17,000 sqft (1,600 sqm) villa s located in a privileged area in the South-Hamptons with the sea surrounding the plot on two 2 different sides. The house belongs to a couple who uses the house during the summer with their relatives and friends. The family’s passion for boats inspires the way the house gets integrated with the site as well as the seascape.

Live Work Home, Syracuse, New York State, USA
Design: Cook+Fox Architects
Live Work Home
photograph © Richard Barnes / OTTO

Live Work Home Syracuse – 24 May 2012
Live Work Home has been awarded a 2012 AIA Housing Award in the One and Two Family Production Homes category. A perforated screen, inspired by the pattern of dappled light filtering through trees, wraps the western and northern facades and bounces daylight into the house. An oversize, garage-type front door can fold to engage the sidewalk and the street, creating an open-air anteroom of “prospect and refuge.

House in Columbia County, Upstate New York, USA
Design: Toshiko Mori Architect PLLC, New York
House in Columbia County
photograph : Iwan Baan

House in Columbia County – 2 Sep 2011
Perched on a cliff in upstate New York, the House in Columbia County is designed to dramatize its relationship to the surrounding landscape. The glazed western façade opens onto stunning views extending fifty miles to the Hudson River, while the eastern façade nestles partially below the nearby woods.

Houses of Sagaponac, The Hamptons, Long Island
Design: Brown Harris Stevens
Sagaponac House
picture from architects

Houses of Sagaponac – 26 Jul 2011
Luxury real estate firm Brown Harris Stevens, the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, Inc., announces the exclusive sales and marketing of the “Houses of Sagaponac,” a modernist residential development. The project features a series of houses created by internationally recognized architects who were given the directive to achieve design excellence and push the envelope of contemporary architecture resulting in a community by and for thinking people. The Houses of Sagaponac is an acclaimed housing development conceived by the late Harry J. (CoCo) Brown Jr. with the assistance of architect Richard Meier.

HSU House, Ithaca
Design: EPIPHYTE Lab, Architects
HSU House
picture : Susan & Jerry Kaye

HSU House – 18 Feb 2011

Bay Residence, The Hamptons, Long Island, NY
Design: Stelle Architects
Bay Residence
photo : Jeff Heatley

Bay Residence – 29 Oct 2010
This waterfront property unfolds in a sequence of views, both revealed and concealed, a kind of Kabuki shadow play that starts at the driveway and snakes down the entire length of the five-acre lot. “It adds to the experience of arrival,” says the bachelor client who wanted a peaceful escape. The property lies in an area of modest fishing cottages and salt-water inlets that remains remarkably unspoiled for the Hamptons.

Slide Loft, Manhattan
Design: Ben Hansen Architect
The Slide Loft
image : Ben Hansen Architect
Slide Loft – 16 Jul 2009
Lofts, with their high ceilings and large floor plates, have become the ideal of urban living but the conversion of these spaces to residences often fails to take advantage of their potential. Unlike a warehouse, an apartment requires a number of individual rooms, each with its own privacy requirements. If the loft is simply divided into smaller rooms, the openness of the original space is lost. A different architectural approach is needed.

Leroy Street Town House, New York City
Design: Turett Collaborative Architects
Leroy Street Town House
photograph : Albert Vecerka, Esto

Leroy Street Town House – 20 Oct 2008
The project was as broad a renovation as can be designed while still keeping the core building intact. The building, which had originally been a coal delivery garage in the 20’s, had, by the 90’s, become a parking garage with a small residential space on top of it.

Duplex for a Bachelor, 70 East 10th Street, New York, NY
Design: Studio ST Architects
Village Duplex New York
picture from architect
Village Duplex
The project is a 2200 sq.ft. duplex apartment in downtown New York. Although the unit came with expansive views of Manhattan to the North, West and South, it also presented difficult design challenges. Typical of postwar high-rises, the apartment had eight foot concrete slab ceilings, small generic bathrooms and a miniscule kitchen.

Holley House, Garrison
hanrahanMeyers architects
Holley House
photo : Michael Moran

Holley House

Long Island Beach House
Architects: Thomas Phifer and Partners
Long Island House design
image © Scott Frances

Long Island House

New York Residences

Manhattan Residential Architecture Designs, alphabetical:

Blue Rock House, Austerlitz, NY
Design: anmahian winton architects
Blue Rock House Austerlitz
image from architects
Centrifugal Villa, Southampton
OBRA Architects
Centrifugal Villa
picture from architect
Chelsea Loft, Flatiron District, NYC
Design: WXY architecture + urban design
Chelsea Loft New York
picture from architects
Long Beach House NY
Design: RES4
Long Beach House
photo © RES4
Lido Beach House NY
Design: RES4
Lido Beach House
photo © RES4
M_House USA
picture from architects
Manhattan Micro Loft
Design: Specht Harpman
Manhattan Micro Loft
photo : Taggart Sorensen
UN Studio Architects
photo © Christian Richters

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Polyhedra Palisades Residence
picture from architects
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