WeGrow School in New York City

WeGrow school in New York City

BIG and WeWork’s collaboration and belief in creativity manifests through the first WeGrow school in New York City. The interactive learning landscape supports a conscious approach to education, nurturing the growth, spirit and mind of the 21st century child.

111 West 57th Street New York City

111 West 57th Street Tower

New York City supertall building design by ShoP Architects- Manhattan tower and landmark, reinvented. 111 West 57th Street “represents commitment to the quality of craft, history, and thinking behind New York City’s classic skyscrapers”.

35XV New York City apartment

35XV New York Apartments

35XV New York Apartments for Alchemy Properties Inc. at 35 West 15th Street, NYC, by FXCollaborative Architects, a rare Manhattan mid-block design opportunity with dramatic cantilevers and an expressive, textured façade.