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Key Residential Buildings in Denmark – Contemporary Properties information + images

Danish Houses

Contemporary Danish Homes, chronological:

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Danish Houses. We aim to include houses in Denmark that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both. We cover completed houses, new house designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Denmark.

5 Feb 2018
Treldehuset, Vejle, Jylland, western Denmark
Architects: CEBRA
photography : Mikkel Frost | CEBRA

Treldehuset in Vejle
Being satisfied tenants in The Iceberg, an award-winning housing project in Aarhus, DK, the owners of the summer house addressed CEBRA. They wanted to know if CEBRA designed small-scale houses with the same high level of architectural ambition. This is an architectural interpretation of the Russian babushka doll.

15 Jan 2018
Veddinge Hills Summer House
Veddinge Hills Summer House
photo : Joshua Gross, Denmark

Veddinge Hills Summer House near Asnæs
The shape of the house was conceived as a vision of a flock of migrating black birds. Four of these birds land on the plot; each of them finding their own spot on the ground.

21 Nov 2017
Biological House, Middelfart, Fyn
Architects: Een til Een
Biological Bouse in Middelfart
photography : Middelfart

Biological House in Middelfart

2 Aug 2017
Kornets Hus, Aabybro, north west of Aalborg, Jutland, western Denmark
Design: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Grain House
photos : Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, Places studio

Kornets Hus Hjørring
Located on the land of an existing farm and bakery, the new inspiration centre will offer visitors, locals and employees alike a facility for activity based learning centered around the importance of grain both to Jutland and human civilization. The building is organized around a simple and flexible plan, which allows for a wide variety of activities and functions to take place.

24 Jul 2017
Villa Rypen, Aarhus, Jutland
Design: C.F. Møller Architects
Villa Rypen
photograph : Julian Weyer

Aarhus Villa

14 Jul 2017
The Green House, Lejre, Zealand, East Denmark
Architect: Sigurd Larsen
The Green House in Lejre
photograph : Tia Borgsmidt

The Green House in Lejre
A series of single family houses is designed for Frikøbing near Copenhagen in Denmark. The development plan for the area has high demands on sustainability for construction materials, insulation, energy and air circulation.

10 Jul 2017
The Light House, Lejre, Sjælland, East Denmark
Architect: Sigurd Larsen
The Light House in Lejre
photograph : Tia Borgsmidt

The Light House in Lejre
THE LIGHT HOUSE is the second of the typologies to be developed in the area by this architect and consists of a simple plan arrangement that allow for low construction costs while offering generous living spaces.

4 Apr 2017
Double Houses, Roskilde, Zealand
Design: Conm + Kallesø, architects
Double Houses
image Courtesy architecture office

Roskilde Houses
The project is located in the Western part of Roskilde.

22 Aug 2016
Artist’s House, Hvide Sande, Jutland, western Denmark
Design: Cubo Architects
Artists House in Hvide Sande
image Courtesy architecture office

Artist’s House in Hvide Sande
This Danish artist’s residence will function as an open-door workshop and exhibition space, whilst offering free accommodation to artists for a week or two at a time. Clad in sustainable Kebony wood, this ‘Artist’s House’ overlooks the picturesque port of Tyskerhavn.

19 Nov 2013
Modern Seaweed House, Denmark
Design: Vandkunsten
Modern Seaweed House on Læsø
photograph : Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, Realdania Byg

‘The seaweed houses on Læsø are physical testimony to the culture and the life that have characterised the building tradition on the island for centuries. The starting point of the Modern Seaweed House has been to explore this unique archive of cultural and architectural history and employ the past as source for contemporary architecture. It is our hope that others will embrace the experiences from this project and develop the ideas even further,’ says Peter Cederfeld, managing director of Realdania Byg.

7 Oct 2013
Summer House in Denmark
Design: Powerhouse Company
Danish Summer House
photo : Åke E. Son Lindman

Danish Summerhouse – 3 Dec 2009
Design: Powerhouse Company
Danish Summer house
image from architects

Green Solution House Bornholm
3XN with William McDonough + Partners
3XN with William McDonough + Partners
image from architect

Danish Housing – News 2010

The Wave in Vejle, Jutland
Henning Larsen Architects
The Wave in Vejle
image from architect

Northern Harbour Copenhagen
various architects
Northern harbor Copenhagen
COBE, SLETH MODERNISM, Polyform, Rambøll

Danish Houses – News 2009

Housing+ Aalborg, Jutland
C. F. Møller Architects
Housing+ Aalborg
image from architect

Skybox House, Sjælland
Primus architects, atelier + production
Skybox House
photograph : Tina Krogager

Danish Housing – News 2008

Iceberg Project
Iceberg Project
picture from architect

Jutland Housing
Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Jørn Utzon


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Advice House, Lysholt Park, Vejle, Jylland
C. F. Møller Architects
Advice House
photo : Julian Weyer

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