Panda House in Copenhagen Zoo

Panda House, Copenhagen Zoo: Building Images, Danish Architecture Development

Panda House in Copenhagen Zoo

Home for Animals in Denmark – design by BIG Arkitekter

28 Mar 2017

Panda House, Copenhagen Zoo

Architects: BIG

Location: Roskildevej 32, Copenhagen, Denmark

Panda House in Copenhagen Zoo

The design of the new Panda House begins with a circular shape, formed by the surrounding existing facilities at the intersection of multiple walkways. Panda House is designed to feel like humans are the visitors in the Pandas’ home, rather than Pandas being the exotic guests from faraway lands.

Panda House

The habitat forms the freest and most naturalistic possible environment for their lives and relationship with each other, providing the freedom to roam about and the ideal conditions to mate – one of the major challenges facing Pandas from becoming endangered.
Panda House

“Architecture is like portraiture. To design a home for someone is like capturing their essence, their character and personality in built form. In the case of the two great Pandas, their unique solitary nature requires two similar but separate habitats – one for her and one for him. The habitat is formed like a giant yin and yang symbol, two halves: the male and the female, complete each other to form a single circular whole.

Panda House

The curvy lines are undulating in section to create the necessary separation between him and her – as well as between them and us. Located at the heart of the park, we have made the entire enclosure accessible from 360 degrees, turning the two pandas into the new rotation point for Copenhagen Zoo.” Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG.

Panda House

Panda House responds to the species’ main threats to extinction – habitat loss and fragmentation by providing a safe and contiguous environment that’s also conducive for reproduction.

Panda House

We proposed a circular shape for the design – befitting the site perfectly between existing buildings and enabling the literal yin-yang symbol to create separate enclosures for male and female pandas. The architectural parts of the earth are then lifted from either side of the “yin” and “yang” to form space for stables belowground, simultaneously creating an incline to naturally face the pandas toward the audience.

Panda House

Panda House

The Panda House consists of two floors: the ground floor, where access to the interior spaces are connected by a ramp circulation, and the second floor, which can lead to a trip along the rocky slope, through the native Nordic plants and into the dense bamboo forest. All interior functions are designed to have the lush landscape at eye-level – engaging the visitors’ sense of wildlife and immersion within nature.

The ground floor of Panda House also encompasses a restaurant, located between the elephants and the pandas – visitors can dine while observing both animals simultaneously. There is also a shop connected between both animal houses and the Main Square, situated just outside of Panda House.

Panda House

Panda House in Copenhagen Zoo – Building Information

Year: 2017
Type: Commission
Client: Copenhagen Zoo
Collaborators: Schønherr A/s Strunge-jensen A/s
Size: 2.450 sqm
Location: Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: In Progress
Partner in Charge: David Zahle
Project Leaders: Nanna Gyldholm Møller, Ole Elkjær-Larsen
Team: Maja Czesnik, Pawel Bussold, Jinseok Jang, Gökce Günbulut, Christian Lopez, Luca Senise, Høgni Laksáfoss, Sofia Sofianou, Carlos Soria, Victor Bejenaru, Claus Rytter Bruun de Neergaard, Gabrielé Ubareviciute, Eskild Pedersen, Kamilla Heskje, Richard Howis, Tore Banke, Tobias Hjortdal, Joos Jerne, Hanne Halvorsen, Tommy Bjørnstrup

Panda House

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