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Architecture Designs in Amsterdam

We’ve selected key examples of Amsterdam Buildings. We aim to include buildings that are either of top quality or interesting.

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Amsterdam Building – Latest Designs

Amsterdam Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Tussen-ruimte (Between space), Herengracht – 18 Sep 2013
Design: Office Jarrik Ouburg
Tussen-ruimte Building
photo : Office Jarrik Ouburg

In 2013 the city of Amsterdam celebrates the 400th anniversary of the famous canal district, an area that was enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010. Although this part of the city was characterized by a process of continuous urban an architectural transformation during the centuries, it seems that in recent decades the past seems to get more and more control on its future.

Signal Energy and Telecom Building – 16 Jul 2013
Design: MOPET Architecten
Amsterdam Signal Energy and Telecom Building
image from architect

MOPET architects designs a Signal, Energy and Telecom Building at the ‘Zuid-as’ in Amsterdam. The Zuid-as is a large, rapidly developing business district in the city of Amsterdam. The building will provide traction and energy for it’s metro system, including the new constructed ‘Noord-Zuidlijn’.

Kleiburg Apartment Building
NL Architects
Kleiburg Amsterdam
image from architect

Kleiburg Apartment Building – 10 Dec 2012
Kleiburg is one of the biggest apartment buildings in the Netherlands: a bend slab with 500 apartments, 400 meter long, 10 + 1 stories high

G-Star RAW Headquarters
G-Star RAW Building
image © OMA

G-Star RAW Amsterdam – 29 May 2012
Situated next to the A10 in the industrial ZuidOost area of Amsterdam, the new HQ for G-Star RAW will consolidate their disparate facilities into a single building that aims to stimulate interaction between various departments. The 27,500m2 horizontal building – 140 metres long – consists of a creative nucleus containing the core departments of G-Star RAW, which are enveloped by a ring of offices, parking and support facilities.

Solid 11
Tony Fretton Architects
Solid 11 Amsterdam
photo : Peter Cook

Solid 11 Amsterdam – 2 Jul 2012
RIBA Awards 2012 Winner
The client sees his projects as satisfying a need not making a profit; they are designed to last for a century and so have to be adaptable to the needs of unknown occupants. Spaces were auctioned on the basis of what users would bring to the mix and include restaurants, boutique hotels, a dentist, a hairdresser and artists, alongside regular residential uses.

Amsterdam Buildings

Key Amsterdam Building Designs, alphabetical:

Akbank N.V. Headquarters
dagli + atélier d’architecture
Akbank Amsterdam
picture from architect

Akbank Amsterdam
Amsterdam Iconic Bridge Competition
[AC-CA] Design Contest
Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Competition
image from design contest organisers
Amsterdam Iconic Bridge Competition
Amsterdam University College
Mecanoo architecten
Amsterdam University College Building
image from architect

Amsterdam University College
Amsterdam hotel
photo © Isabelle Lomholt

Amsterdam hotel : Early Koolhaas building
Cineac Handelsblad
Cineac Handelsblad Amsterdam
picture © Isabelle Lomholt

Amsterdam cinema : Art Deco architecture
Dance House
LÖHMANN’S Architecture
Dance House Amsterdam
image from architects

Dance House
De Nieuwe Liefde
Wiel Arets Architects
De Nieuwe Liefde Amsterdam
photo from architect

De Nieuwe Liefde
De Telegraaf – office building
Staal / Langhout
De Telegraaf
picture © AJW

Amsterdam office building
Django Building Amsterdam
KCAP Architects&Planners
Django Building Amsterdam
photo © Paulien Borst

Django Building Amsterdam
Floating House IJburg
Hollands Zicht & SOOH
Dutch Floating House
photo © Katja Effting

Floating House IJburg
Gallery Borzo
Wiel Arets Architects
Gallery Borzo
picture : Jan Bitter

Gallery Borzo Amsterdam
House IJburg
Marc Koehler Architects
House IJburg
photo : Marcel van der Burg (Primabeeld)

House IJburg
Hilton Schiphol Hotel
Hilton Schiphol Building
picture from architects

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Hotel
IJhal – Amsterdam Centraal Station
Wiel Arets Architects
IJhal Amsterdam
picture from architect

IJhal Amsterdam

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WoZoCo Amsterdam Architecture
photograph © Adrian Welch

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