De Telegraaf Amsterdam – Office Building

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De Telegraaf Amsterdam : Architecture

20th Century Building in The Netherlands, Europe

De Telegraaf

Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam

Address: Singel, northeast side

Former Office building

De Telegraaf Amsterdam

Date built: 1927-30

Design: Staal / Langhout

De Telegraaf De Telegraaf Amsterdam
photographs © Adrian Welch

The Telegraph is the largest Dutch daily morning newspaper at the time of writing.

De Telegraaf was founded by Henry Tindal. The first issue appeared in 1893.

Following Tindal’s death the printer HMC Holdert took over De Telegraaf in 1902.

In 1926 Holdert began construction of a new printing facility at the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam, designed by J.F. Staal and G.J. Langhout. Construction was completed and the building occupied in 1930.

In 1974, De Telegraaf moved to its current location in the Basisweg.

425 Singel

425 Singel
photograph © Adrian Welch

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