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Houses in Spain

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Spanish Houses. We aim to include houses in Spain that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both. We cover completed houses, new house designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Spain.

Spanish House – Latest Designs

Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

‘Casa Los Limoneros’ Home in, San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella
Design: Gus Wüstemann Architects
Casa Los Limoneros by Gus Wustermann Architects in Spain
photo by gus wustemann architects

Luxury Spanish House near Marbella – 22 Sep 2016

Casa Bauzà, Mallorca, south east Spain – 21 Aug 2013
Design: Miquel Àngel Lacomba
House Bauzà Mallorca
photo : Miquel Lacomba

The project is located at the urban complex “La Font” in Pollença at the base of an impressive limestone mountain. The project was commissioned by the Bauzà family, thanks to whom I have been able to explore further possibilities on my work field, looking for naked and simple lines, seeking wider perspectives.

Moka House, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, central Spain
Design: A-cero Architects
Moka House Madrid
photo : Luis H. Segovia

Moka House Madrid – 23 May 2013
Access to basement, can be done either from the main area of the house or from the garage directly. We can see two areas, the swimming pool, sports facilities, relax and movies, area of service work; be resolved by giving direct access from the garage and connecting it to the ground floor with a staircase landing in the dealer’s work area. In the central area and connected to the garage are the storage stands, without direct lighting and ventilation.

B&N House, Madrid, Spain
Design: A-cero Architects
B&N House Madrid
photo from architects

B&N House Madrid – 21 May 2013
A-cero presents one of its latest projects of single – family detached house. It is a comprehensive reform of existing home whose owners found the need to reform both externally and internally to update its image. This is a magnificent home originally, but had charged over time both aesthetically and functionally needed a change. The work focuses on two points. Providing housing for renewed external image and create a modern interior full of light.

Villa in Sa Rapita, Mallorca, Balearic Islands
Architect: CMV architects
Sa Rapita Villa
photograph from architects

Villa Sa Rapita – 20 May 2013
The project involves the construction of a detached house with two floors, garage and swimming pool. The living area is located on the ground floor. The main facade has the garage, the entrance and the kitchen area, which includes a laundry room, a pantry and a toilet. The courtyard, the dining area and the staircase leading to the first floor are located in the centre of the house.

Villa Bellavista, Llucmajor, Mallorca, Balearic Islands
Architect: CMV architects
Villa Llucmajor
photograph from architects

Villa Bellavista – 20 May 2013
Both houses are placed in the highest part of the plot, with a small setback from one to the other and with one meter of vertical level difference between the two. Two independent accesses are considered because of the difference of level. Each of the dwellings shows a clean volumetry, only broken by the terrace projection of the first plant floor. The access, in ground floor, is organized around the courtyard.

Lude House, Murcia, south east Spain
Architects: Grupo Aranea
Lude House Murcia
photo from architect

Lude House – 13 Feb 2013
Making the most of its privileged situation, Casa Lude is related to its environment in a particular way. Due to the density of the area it doesn’t open directly to the nearby facades but looks along the narrow streets to see the landscape, the Burete mountains and the San Agustin Hill.

Rufo House, Toledo, Spain
Design: Alberto Campo Baeza
House Toledo
photos : Javier Callejas

House in Toledo – 21 Nov 2012
The brief was to build a house on a hilltop outside of the city of Toledo. The hill faces southwest and offers interesting views of the distant horizon, reaching the Gredos Mountains to the northeast.

Moliner House, Zaragoza, north east Spain
Alberto Campo Baeza
House in Zaragoza
photo : Javier Callejas

Moliner House – added 24 Nov 2012
To build a house for a poet. To make a house for dreaming, living and dying. A house in which to read, to write and to think. We raised high walls to create a box open to the sky, like a metaphysical garden, with concrete walls and floor. To create an interior world. We dug into the ground to plant leafy trees.

Casa AA, Mojácar, Almería, southern Spain – Spanish text only
Casa AA
photo from architect

Casa Almería – 26 Sep 2012
“Arriba, en la luz, el corazón se abandona, se entrega. Se recoge. Se aduerme al fin ya sin pena. En la luz que acoge donde no se padece violencia alguna, pues que se ha llegado allí, a esa luz, sin forzar ninguna puerta y aún sin abrirla, sin haber atravesado dinteles de luz y de sombra, sin esfuerzo y sin protección”.

Canary Islands House, La Laguna, Tenerife
Architect: Alejandro Beautell, Beautell Arquitectos
Vivienda en Islas Canarias Canary Islands House Home
photograph : Efraín Pintos

Canary Islands House – 11 Sep 2012
The renovated single family house is situated in the historic city centre of La Laguna, declared by UNESCO in 1999 the cultural heritage of humanity. The building is situated between party walls and is designed as a single-family house, with two floors above ground level. Its composition is simple and represents a worthy exponent of traditional domestic urban architecture of the eighteenth century in the Canary Islands.

Villa Zamora + Villa Bonanova, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, south east Spain
CMV Architects
Villa Zamora Isla de Mallorca
photograph from architects

Villas on Mallorca – 4 Sep 2012
The construction consists of a cubic volume that is placed in the plot in order to release surface in the south zone where the swimming pool is located. Open spaces are designed, with great openings to the outside based on the orientation to the sun. This way, the relation between the interior and the outside is present from any point of the dwelling.

Casa Garoza
Juan Herreros, Architect
Casa Garoza
photo © Javier Callejas

Casa Garoza – 4 jun 2012
This building takes reference from quality industrial architecture and has been conceived as a modular prototype that can be amplified. With a floor space of 75m2, Casa Garoza 10.1 is the first stage of this industrialized prototype. All of the constructive components are prefabricated, manufactured as complete pieces and come complete with interior finishes. Their size has been conceived to fit into conventional transport modes.

House in the Pyrenees, north east Spain
Cadaval & Solà-Morales
Valle de Aran House
photo © Santiago Garcés

House in the Pyrenees – 30 May 2012
This building seeks to recuperate the construction values of an old existing vernacular house which was made out of dry stone, a traditional technique of the area of great tectonic value. However the distinctive attributes inherent to this construction technique (compactness, massiveness, minimum openings, obscure interiors, weight) deny the extraordinary environment where it is located: on top of a mountain, with views to 2 different valleys that are faced by the two only façades of the house.

Villa Gonzalo, Valldemossa, Mallorca
Architect: CMV architects
Mallorca Property
photograph from architects

The main objective for the project is given by the wish of the client to facilitate the access to the house to his best friend, a handicapped friend. The approach ramp, the open and luminous spaces and the maximum use of the sights towards the mountain decide the volumetry of the design.

Villa London, Llucmajor, Mallorca
Architect: CMV architects
Llucmajor Villa
photograph from architects

The construction is set out as a set of independent bodies: separate pavilions placed, one next to the other, along the axis of the cliff, each one of it keeping its own privacy and independence.
Villas in Mallorca – 1 Apr 2012

House in Sitio de Arnela, Lugo, north west Spain
P12 house
image from architect

House in Sitio de Arnela – added 1 Apr

House in Baños de Montemayor, western Spain
GEA Architects
Baños de Montemayor house
photo : Ignacio Marqués

House in Baños de Montemayor – 30 Jan
This new Spanish residence is located in a village in northern Extremadura, surrounded by mountains of chestnut and oak trees. The plot has an elevated position over the village; it possesses a breathtaking view over the nearby lake.

House 712, Gualba, Barcelona, Catalonia, north east Spain
Casa 712
photo : Adrià Goula Sardà

New Spanish House – 24 Nov 2011
This new Spanish house was for a young couple without children, and had some initial programmatic requirements which were pretty conventional (a garage, three bedrooms, a study, etc). The plot, which was triangular and around 400m2, was part of a land promotion protected by the Incasol for self promoters and was subjected to a tight schedule for the development of the house.

Spanish Houses

Spanish Residential Designs, alphabetical:

8×8 House, Formentera, Illes balears
marià castelló, arquitecte
8x8 House
photograph : Lourdes Grivé + Marià Castelló

Formentera House
108 Housing, Madrid
A-Cero Architects
New House Madrid
photo : Santiago Cobreros

108 Housing Madrid
Carabanchel 16 housing, Madrid
Foreign Office Architects
Carabanchel Housing
photograph © Sérgio Padura

Carabanchel Housing
Carabanchel housing – blocks, Madrid
Dosmasuno Arquitectos
Carabanchel housing
photograph : Miguel de Guzmán

Madrid housing
Casa 101, Mollet del Vallès, Catalunya
H Arquitectes
Casa 101 Barcelona
photograph : Starp Estudi

Catalonian house
Casa Amalia, Formentera, Illes balears
marià castelló, arquitecte
Casa Formentera
photograph : Lourdes Grivé + Marià Castelló

Casa Amalia
Casa Batllo, Barcelona
Antoni Gaudi, Architect
Casa Batllo
photo © Adrian Welch

Casa Batllo
Casa Madrid, Madrid
A-Cero Architects
Casa Madrid
image from architect

Casa Madrid
Casa Mallorca
Casa Mallorca
photograph : José Hevia

Casa Mallorca
Casa Mila, Barcelona
Antoni Gaudi, Architect
Casa Mila
picture © Adrian Welch

Casa Mila
Celosia, PAU de Sanchinarro, Madrid
Celosia Madrid
image from architect

Celosia Madrid
Concrete House, Madrid
A-Cero Architects
Concrete House
photograph : Luis H. Segovia

Concrete House, Pozuelo de Alarcón
Country House, Morna Valley, Ibiza
DeBlacam & Meagher
Ibiza Country House
photograph : Peter Cook

Ibiza Country House
Ground Scape – Villa, Valldoreix, Catalunya
Mangera Yvars Architects
Valldoreix villa
photo from architects

Barcelona villa
House 4, Madrid
A-Cero Architects
Madrid House
photo : Luis Segovia

House 4
House Steel Wood, Ranón, Asturias
ecosistema urbano arquitectos
Asturias House
photograph : Emilio P. Doiztua

House Steel Wood
Housing in Mera-La Coruña
A-Cero Architects
Mera Housing
picture from architects

Housing in Mera
Jellyfish House, Marbella, Spain
Wiel Arets Architects
Jellyfish House Marbella
photograph : Jan Bitter

Jellyfish House
Pozuelo de Alarcón House, Madrid
A-Cero Architects
Pozuelo de Alarcón housing
photograph from architects

Pozuelo de Alarcón House
Prometeos House
Xavier Vilalta Studio d’ Arquitectura
Prometeos house
picture from architects

Prometeos House
Studio-House Acorán II, Tenerife
gpy arquitectos
Canary Islands House
photograph : Efraín Pintos

Canary Islands House

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Housing 137, Granollers, Catalonia
Housing 137
image from architect

Housing 137

Mallorca House
This striking contemporary villa perfectly showcases modern aesthetics – form, function and detail. The house truly epitomises a modernist approach, with its sleek lines, cutting-edge design, and elegant finishes.
Mallorca House
image from Modern Homes Worldwide
Spanish Villa

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