Senior Housing in Pórtol, Marratxí, Mallorca

Senior Housing in Pórtol, Marratxí, Mallorca

The proposal by Santiago Vives, Tomas Montis, Adrià Clapés consists of implementing a compact building structured around four landscaped courtyards. The site has an archaeological protection. All units and circulation areas have natural light, cross ventilation and excellent connections between interior space and the garden, a clear visual control of room modules.

Breeze House

Breeze House in Castellón

Design: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

After a life in the center of Europe, a couple returns to the Mediterranean. Among their mere desires is the power to enjoy a place where they spent the summer during their childhood.

Sana Sana Centre in Galicia

Sana Sana Centre in Galicia

Design: NAN Arquitectos

Following the success of our first project for the physiotherapy, aesthetic and pilates clinic Sana Sana, our clients have the need of expanding their facilities to give more group classes.

Jaizkibel Student Dormitory

Jaizkibel Student Dormitory in San Sebastian

Design: otxotorena arquitectos S.L.

The building dates back to the early twentieth century. It has a privileged location and magnificent views; It is part of a stylistic line affiliated with the Regionalist historicism of that era, dominated by eclecticism.

Zarid House

Zarid House on the beach of Cabo de Plata

Design: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

To optimize the vision of the landscape, a series of slender spaces are intertwined as they adapt to the descending topography. Each of these pieces is deposited half a floor below the previous one. This way, its alternating arrangement allows all the spaces to have a direct view over the beach.

La Manera

La Manera in Valencia

Design: Masquespacio

La Manera is adaptable to each moment and requirement, starting with a brunch and coffee during the morning, converting itself in a restaurant during the evening and ending up as a cocktail bar.

Benicassim House

Benicassim House in Valencia

Design: Egue y Seta, architects

Removing unnecessary partitions, annexing circulation spaces to premises with a practical function and pursuing a direct visual connection with the exterior, are altogether strategies commonly employed when achieving a feeling of spaciousness is required within confined spaces.