Picasso Towers Malaga property

Picasso Towers Malaga Property

Picasso Towers Malaga, Costa del Sol building design by Carlos Lamela Architect: the first tower ‘Living’, has three swimming pools, spa, fitness centre, private cinema, playroom, co-working area and nursery.

Contemporary Luxury Properties in Ibiza

Luxury Properties in Ibiza

Ibiza luxury properties: Ibiza is popular for its beautiful landscapes and party scene lifestyle. The Balearic island is full of charm, and the luxury properties in Ibiza for sale are top of the line.

White house in Granada Architecture Tours

Granada Architecture Tours: Walking Guide

Granada architecture tours: exclusive Andalusia building walks tailor made for groups. The city and capital of the province of Granada, Andalusia, south west Spain, has a wealth of historic architecture, but also some small modern buildings.

GB House in Girona Spain

GB House in Girona, Spain

Designed by Andrés Arenas Ylla, the GB House is intended as a place of rest for a family in a plot in a privileged location, with beautiful views, in a development in La Cerdanya with large plots.

Cordoba Palace of Justice, Arroyo del Moro Building

Cordoba Architecture Tours: Andalusia Walking Guide

Córdoba guided tours tailored to suit group bookings. The historic city in Andalusia, south west Spain, was a Roman settlement, then the capital of the Islamic Emirate, and then of the Caliphate of Córdoba. There is a wealth of historic architecture in the city, but also some good new buildings.

B&B Hotel in Getafe, Madrid

B&B Hotel in Getafe, Madrid

B&B Hotel in Getafe, Spain, building design by CuldeSacTM Custom, a space created for the user under the concept of ‘co-living’ for the chain B&B in the hall of its 4* hotel in Getafe.