GB House in Girona Spain

GB House in Girona, Spain

Designed by Andrés Arenas Ylla, the GB House is intended as a place of rest for a family in a plot in a privileged location, with beautiful views, in a development in La Cerdanya with large plots.

Cordoba Palace of Justice, Arroyo del Moro Building

Cordoba Architecture Tours: Andalusia Walking Guide

Córdoba guided tours tailored to suit group bookings. The historic city in Andalusia, south west Spain, was a Roman settlement, then the capital of the Islamic Emirate, and then of the Caliphate of Córdoba. There is a wealth of historic architecture in the city, but also some good new buildings.

B&B Hotel in Getafe, Madrid

B&B Hotel in Getafe, Madrid

B&B Hotel in Getafe, Spain, building design by CuldeSacTM Custom, a space created for the user under the concept of ‘co-living’ for the chain B&B in the hall of its 4* hotel in Getafe.

House 00/30

House 00/30 on the Balearic Islands

Superhouse Property Group is a brand and an ethos – a vision for what is possible in contemporary residential architecture. Superhouse want to create nothing but the 30 most exceptional houses in the world for the super-rich.

Jaizkibel Student Dormitory

Jaizkibel Student Dormitory in San Sebastian

Early twentieth century building renewal by otxotorena arquitectos S.L. The property has a privileged location and magnificent views, part of a stylistic line affiliated with the Regionalist historicism of that era, dominated by eclecticism.

Casa El Portet in Moraira

Casa El Portet in Moraira, Spain

The House of el Portet design by Ramon Esteve architects is located on a narrow and elongated plot in a residential area of Moraira, an upmarket Spanish coastal town. It has distant sea views, through a wooded area.

The Fourth Room in Valencia

The Fourth Room in Valencia

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos designed the extension for The Fourth Room project. To take advantage of the views the day area is distributed as a single space with three orientations. Through the three openings the space changes as the day progresses.

Casa Bauzà Mallorca luxury residence

Casa Bauzà – Mallorca Residence

Casa Bauzà Mallorca residence in urban complex “La Font” in Pollença at the base of an impressive limestone mountain: luxury Balearic Islands residential villa design by Miquel Àngel Lacomba.

House on the Cliff in Alicante, Spain

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The Quarry House in Valencia

The Quarry House in Valencia

Home on top of a Spanish hillside, in an established Valencia housing esstate, the House of the Quarry is based on the extreme conditions of the ground, climbing the slope to get views to the landscape.