Showing - alternative designs for museums Winning design Time Travel

Showing – alternative designs for museums

Winners of Showing – Alternative design for museums unveiled, showing some absolutely innovative concepts for sport facilities designs. This was the fourth of a series of nine competitions, oriented at pushing architects and designers to rethink traditional architectural typologies.

Eating - Alternative Designs for Restaurants Design Competition

Non Architecture Competition

Eating – Alternative Designs for Restaurants. We can consider “Architecture” everything that has already been designed and/or built. That would define a realm of conventional solutions, often repeated in a self-referential system. We imagined a counterpart, a “Non Architecture”.

Ct´s24H Competition

24H Competition

24h architecture competition news – winning designs for 19th edition – Ct´s. the 24h competition seeking progressive ideas that reflect on emerging themes. Eco design, sustainable architecture, new materials, concepts and technologies are compelling issues: whole community involvement is imperative.