RIBA Gasholder Bases Ideas Competition

National Grid Property, which manages the company’s surplus land, has a portfolio of former gasholders which will be dismantled over the coming years. These voids represent an opportunity for repurposing and the competition is seeking alternative uses rather than the default practice of backfilling the holder. The initial phase of the competition will require digital submissions only, with five concept designs shortlisted for further development at the second phase.

Non Architecture Competition 2017

Non Architecture Competition

We can consider “Architecture” everything that has already been designed and/or built. That would define a realm of conventional solutions, often repeated in a self-referential system. We imagined a counterpart, a “Non Architecture”.

Cambridge to Oxford Connection Competition

Cambridge to Oxford Connection Competition

Shortlisted desihn teams: Barton Willmore ; Fletcher Priest Architects ; Mae ; Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design. Ideas competition seeking imaginative design proposals to integrate sustainable placemaking with new infrastructure and urban development. The architecture competition focuses on the arc connecting four of the UK’s fastest-growing centres.

matrix 24H Competition Winners

matrix 24H Competition Winners

24h architecture competition news – 1st prize won by Arnaud Charoy, Aachen, Germany.
“A clear winner. Proposal was imaginative, well structured and clearly set out. The writing was intelligent, considered and informative. All presented beautifully with strong and compelling graphics, including 3D drawings, diagrams and rendered images.” Alan Dunlop, architect

Shelter 48 Architecture Competition | www.e-architect.co.uk

Shelter 48 Architecture Competition

Eleven magazine’s latest challenge – ideas and design open competition: ‘Shelter 48: Emergency Life Support Design’ – calls on creatives around the world to design innovative emergency life-support system for aftermath of natural disasters.

Ct´s24H Competition

24H Competition

24h architecture competition news – seeking progressive ideas that reflect on emerging themes. Eco design, sustainable architecture, new materials, concepts and technologies are compelling issues: whole community involvement is imperative.

Nuclear international open ideas competition

arch out loud competition

Nuclear Architecture Competition news – entrants have to design a marker or marker system to deter inadvertent human intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, a radioactive waste repository deep beneath the earth’s surface in New Mexico, USA.