Re-Think Competition 2017

Re-Think Competition

“All humanity’s potential lies within the mind. Ideas are a testament to this fact. They change how we live, how we interact, how we feel. Ideas are everything”. Get your work published on TiP, Balmond Studio’s influential, interdisciplinary ideas lab.

BCO NextGen Competition 2017

BCO NextGen Competition

The BCO NextGen Competition invites submissions from talented, multi-disciplinary teams of young professionals working throughout the office sector. This architecture competition is run by the British Council for Offices, with support from Malcolm Reading Consultants.

Best Commercial Design Project Public

arquideas Architecture Competition: Design Contest

New architectural contest from arquideas, a community of students and young professionals working in the world of architecture and design whose main objective is to showcase the talent and creativity of its young members, thereby bridging the gap between the academic and professional spheres of architecture and design.

hotel in hunting lodge of Khedive Ismail

Urban SOS 2017: hOUR City Competition

AECOM and Van Alen Institute, with 100 Resilient Cities launch global student ideas competition. It challenges multidisciplinary teams to help bridge the divide between thriving and struggling communities in regions around the world.

YAC Experiential Beer Garden competition

YAC Competition

Winners news for Young Architects Competition – Beer has always been a part of human history, from Ancient Egypt (where wages were paid in beer) to Ireland (where beer was the gods’ nectar of immortality), to name but a few examples.

Algae Dome, Aleksander Wadas, Rafal Wroblewski, and Anna Stempniewicz Anna Astempniewicz, 2017

CHART ARCHITECTURE Competition Finalists

Five teams selected as finalists in CHART ARCHITECTURE Competition 2017. Designs address this year’s theme THE LIVING CITY and contribute to the global discussion on sustainable urbanisation, renewable resources and the urgent need for experimentation with upcycling and the reuse of materials.

bauhouse 24H competition

24H Competition

24h architecture competition news – ‘bauhouse’ : Ideasforward wants to give young creative people from around the world the opportunity to express their views on the future of societies through their innovative and visionary proposals.