Prague Congress Centre Design Competition

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Prague Congress Centre Design Competition

Prague Congress Centre Design Competition

Architecture competition is to propose new exhibition spaces for the Prague Congress Centre (KCP), for conventions, concerts and other social events. The proposal aims to add value to a building belonging to the architectural heritage of the 1970s.

Jetlag Tea and Wine Bar

JETLAG Tea & Wine Bar in Prague

Mimosa architekti designed this small bar in the centre of Prague. It offers tea, wine and coffee, in various unusual combinations. The space concept of travelling through time zones has been derived from its name Jetlag.

Loft Apartment in Prague

Loft Apartment in Prague

Architect: Jana Hamrová / Objectum

To create a colorful interior was the criteria set out from client for the architect. Large glass windows are dominant for the space and that was determining for the choice of the colors.

Loft F5-04 Apartment

Loft F5.04 Apartment in Prague

Architect: Klára Valová / SMLXL studio

Upon our first visit of the apartment, we faced an unpleasant surprise – the windows. The industrial design was replaced with plastic windows, although the developer had committed to keeping the original design.