Jing Fan Shop in Beijing

Jing Fan Shop in Beijing

Golucci Interior Architects designed the Jing Fan Shop, located in Beijing. This store in South Luogu Lane is not only a selling space, but also a place for refined tastes people to drinking tea and having conversations.

The Dog House

The Dog House in Beijing

This is a residential project designed, by Atelier About Architecture, for the owner and their beloved dog, for the dog’s needs on medical care and good living. We call it the Dog House.

Hualong Private Terminal Space at Capital Airport

Hualong Private Terminal Space Beijing

Hualong Private Terminal Space at Capital Airport Beijing design by Shishang Architecture – a noble and elegant design concept integrating artistic elements into the design to make, the art exhibits combine with the overall design style perfectly.

Blue Note Beijing Jazz Club

Blue Note Beijing Jazz Club

Blue Note Beijing Jazz Club design by Chiasmus Partners. Inc – the first China branch of the age-old Jazz brand from New York City, on the site of former American consulate to the Qing Dynasty.

Meepark CBD Place of Events in Beijing

MeePark CBD Place of Events in Beijing

Beijing has a growing demand for places to host different kinds of events. As a city in rapid transformation from an industrial heritage into the service sector. Latitude Architectural Group designed MeePark CBD Place of Events.

Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre building interior

Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre, China

Grassland guesthouse where you can see stars, located in the north east of Hebei province, connected to inner Mongolia grassland. The architects’ main goal was to blend the building into this vast nature seamlessly.

MS II Restaurant in Beijing

MS-II Restaurant in Beijing

The manipulation of Space, is the real-life magic for creating a reality that only previously existed in the imagination. This is the vision WAY Studio had when designing recently completed project “Aye by Meeting Someone” restaurant in Beijing.

Layering Yard in Gianmen Beijing

Layering Yard in Qianmen, Beijing

Designed by ARCHSTUDIO Layering Yard is hidden in a traditional commercial block near the Qianmen of Beijing, with an area of about 500 square meters. The original architecture was a quadrangle courtyard commercial building with the characteristics of houses in the Republican period.

Beijing Area Three Art Museum

Beijing Area Three Art Museum

Designed by CUN Design, this project is located in a creative park in Beijing. This area is simple and clean. As a space used for meeting, conference and art exhibition, it should not just be a shining moment, but built up a memorable visual impression.