Wangjing Soho

Wangjing SOHO in Beijing

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

Located in Wangjing’s centre, Wangjing Soho is a mixed-use development consisting of three towers 118, 127, 200 meters in height designed as three interweaving ‘mountains’ that fuse building and landscape to bring together the surrounding community with a new 60,000m2 public park.

Leeza SOHO

Leeza SOHO in Beijing

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

Within the Lize Financial Business District – a new business, residential and transport hub adjacent to Financial Road in southwest Beijing – Leeza Soho is located at the intersection of Lines 14 and 16 currently under-construction.

PH Coffee

PH COFFEE in Beijing

Architects: GB Space

The PH COFFEE cafe is situated in Beijing Financial Street. This is a gathering place of numerous financial institutes and enterprise headquarters, serving customer groups from all walks of life.

Rosemoo Office

Rosemoo Office in Beijing

Architects: Cun-Design

Rosemoo is one of the rare but well-known women’s clothing brands in China, Every year; it attracts most attention in the Fashion Week. The inspiration of its design comes from the natural charm of Chinese culture. Rosemoo’s motto is “Made for the natural you.”

Blue Moon Films Office

Blue Moon Films Office in Beijing

Architects: Cun-Design

Many new landmark buildings have been constructed with the urbanization of China. However, old buildings are rather overlooked in modern era. It is time to slow down, and reevaluate what contributes to the rebirth of buildings.

Organic Farm

Organic Farm in Tangshan City

Design Team: HAN Wen-Qiang, LI Xiao-Ming, WANG Han, JIANG Zhao, HUANG Tao

The whole building consists of four relatively independent houses, including Material Storage, the Mill, Oil Pressing Workshop and Packing Area.