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Milan Architecture News

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Milan Architecture News

Milan Architectural News

Milan Architecture Designs – chronological list

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27 July 2019
Archasm Fashion Pavilion Milan Architecture Competition
What do Tom Ford, Raf Simons, Pierre Balmain, Pierre Cardin, Gianni Versace and Virgil Abloh all have in common? Before starting a career in fashion, each enrolled to study architecture or industrial design:
Milan Architecture Competition

14 Apr 2019
Climatic Agents Milan
Design: OMA / Laboratorio Permanente
Climatic Agents Masterplan in Milan
image Courtesy architecture office

Scalo Farini Masterplan
Agenti Climatici masterplan by OMA’s Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli and Reinier de Graaf, co-designed with Laboratorio Permanente, wins the Concorso Farini competition for the redevelopment of the scalo Farini and San Cristoforo sites, two disused railway yards North and South of the periphery of this North Italian city.

20 Mar 2019
Gucci Hub Milan HQ Building opens to the public
Architects: Piuarch
Gucci Hub Milan Headquarters Building
photo : Andrea Martiradonna

Gucci Hub Milan Headquarters Building
The old Caproni factory, built in 1915 in the eastern suburbs of the city, has been brought back to life thanks to a renovation and redevelopment project transforming this old plant into the new Milanese offices of this famous fashion brand.

13 Mar 2019
Sovraparco Hanging Garden Metro Station

24 Aug 2018
Renewal of Isola Pepe Verde’s Playground

11 Jul 2018
Savona 18 Suites Milan Hotel

13 Sep 2018
61 projects have been selected by the international jury, 33 in the Architecture category and 28 in the interior design section; a good 27 countries represented.
Archmarathon Awards 2018 in Milan

9 May 2018
Vertical Forest wins RIBA Award
Vertical Forest in Milan is one of twenty winners of the Award of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 2018 for International Excellence.

Vertical Forest in Milan

2 May 2018
Between earth and air: the agrAir project at Milan Design Week 2018
Design: Piuarch
agrAir installation Milan Inhabits Event 2018
photo © Giovanni Hanninen

agrAir installation Milan Inhabits Event 2018
Drawing on the past to set the lifestyles of the future: that was the mission of agrAir, the installation designed by Piuarch for “Inhabits” event at Milan Design Week 2018. Located in the middle of piazza Castello in Milan, the project was conceived as an opportunity to re-think about the traditional setting of the urban fabric and to recover its values in the city of tomorrow.

25 Apr 2018
Generali Tower
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Generali Tower Citylife in Milan
photo © Hufton + Crow

Generali Tower Building in Milan
Generali Tower is within the CityLife masterplan that has redeveloped Milan’s abandoned trade fair grounds following the fair’s relocation to Rho Pero in 2005.

17 Apr 2018
House in Motion for Milan Design Week 2018, Milan, Italy
Design: Stanton Williams
House in Motion for Milan Design Week
Baldacchino by Stanton Williams © Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

House in Motion for Milan Design Week 2018
Entitled Baldacchino in reference to ornamental canopies above altars or thrones, Stanton Williams’ experimental 6m long pavilion interprets the House in Motion theme by giving physical form to the idea of movement through space.

16 Apr 2018
Future Space Pavilion, courtyard of Università degli Studi di Milano
Design: Peter Pichler Architecture
Future Space Pavilion in Milan
photograph : Oskar Dariz

Pavilion, Università degli Studi di Milano
The symmetrical structure is inspired by the extraordinary quality of the Renaissance proportions of the courtyard of Ca’ Granda and plays with the fundamental elements of Renaissance style: Symmetry, proportion and geometry.

9 Apr 2018
agrAir installation
Architects: Piuarch
agrair Installation at Milan Design Week 2018
image from architecture office

agrAir installation Milano
As part of the Inhabits program at Milan Design Week 2018, the agrAir project by Piuarch outlines the elements which will hopefully be valued for living in the future – lightness, luminosity, careful use of resources, dissolution of contrasts between interiors and outdoors, between natural and artificial spaces – in a balanced relationship between earth and air

20 Mar 2018
Kanpai Japanese Restaurant
Architects: Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners
Kanpai Japanese Restaurant Milan
photo : Aromi

Kanpai Japanese Restaurant
Kanpai transports in Milan a sensation of contemporary Japan: it could inhabit one of the many lively side streets in one of the Japanese metropolitan cities, with installed screens which transmit pop images typical of today’s technological, urban Japan. Its 150 sqm are structured over three rooms, with diverse colours and aesthetic atmospheres.

15 Dec 2017
New Sassetti Tower Milan Building, S32 Fintech District
Architects: L22 Urban & Building
Torre Sassetti Milano Building
image courtesy of architects

Torre Sassetti Milano Building
The Sassetti Tower is the hub of the new Fintech district, an urban area aimed at developing innovative, technological finance in Milan.
Created by SELLALAB to represent the Italian fintech community, the professional people and start-ups to be accommodated in the building were very carefully selected by Copernico.

8 Dec 2017
CityLife Shopping District
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Citylife Shopping District in Milan
photograph © Hufton+Crow

CityLife Shopping District Milan
Located above Tre Torri station on the M5 line of Milan’s Metro network, CityLife Shopping District integrates a new public park with indoor and outdoor piazzas, food hall, restaurants, cafes, shops and cinema as well as facilities for health and wellbeing.

24 Nov 2017
Boeri: Milan can double the number of trees becoming the European capital of Forestry

Proposal by Italian architect and urban planner, Stefano Boeri:

In the speech, delivered today at the third edition of the conference “Stati Generali del Verde Pubblico” promoted by Comitato per lo sviluppo del verde pubblico – Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, Stefano Boeri has resumed the vision of Green Milan launched a few weeks ago by the Mayor Giuseppe Sala, proposing that Milan becomes a leading metropolis in Urban Forestry by 2030.

Milan forest proposal aerial image
image courtesy of architects

Thanks to the green regeneration of the railway yards and EXPO area, to the project of rediscovery of Navigli canals, to the green rays and the recovery of orbital forests of Metrobosco; thanks to the greenery in the courtyards, in the collective urban gardens, on the rooftops, on the walls of the buildings, the Milanese agglomeration can double the number of existing trees (around 11 million) by 2030 reaching the percentage of 25% of wood areas, thus becoming a European Capital of Urban Forestry”.

The challenge for Milan to turn greener and full of trees, besides reducing drastically the air pollution, reducing the energy consumption and increasing the biodiversity of the living species, is the best way – after the delusion of EMA not coming to Milan – is to relaunch the role of Milan as a capital of innovation in the field of environmental issues.

Milan Architecture Tours
Milan Architecture Walking Tours

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Milan Buildings, Lombardy, Italy. We aim to include projects that are either of top quality or interesting. We cover completed Milan buildings and architecture competitions across Lombardy. The focus is on contemporary North Italian buildings.

Milan Architecture Design – chronological list

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Lombardy Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

M89 Hotel
M89 Hotel Milan Building
photo : Andrea Martiradonna
M89 Hotel Milan Building
Opposite the building, there are the brick blocks of the former Caproni factory: the M89 Hotel – the new four-star destination at number 89 of via Mecenate – faces the factory halls that one hundred years ago hosted one of the leading aviation companies and which are now home to Gucci.

19 Nov 2017
Gucci Hub Milan Headquarters Building
Architects: Piuarch
Gucci Hub Milan Headquarters Building
photo : Andrea Martiradonna

Gucci Hub Milan Headquarters Building
The old Caproni factory, built in 1915 in the eastern suburbs of Milan, has been brought back to life thanks to a renovation and redevelopment project transforming this old plant – which stands out due to its warehouses with shed-style rooms, large hangar and internal corridors – into the new Milan offices of the famous fashion brand, Gucci.

24 Oct 2017
Microsoft House
Architects: DEGW/Lombardini22
Microsoft House in Milan
photo : Dario Tettamanzi – Microsoft Italia

Microsoft House
DEGW’s project is part of a process Microsoft Italia has been undertaking for years in the name of a “New World of Work”, an approach to the dynamics of work that involves greater staff flexibility in terms of smart working and the use of functional and technologically innovative spaces to maximise cooperation.

11 Apr 2017
Milan Design Week News
“Nordic Life in Urban Spaces” at the Milan Furniture fair 2017
Vestre Norway bench design at Milan Furniture fair 2017
image courtesy of architects
Salone del Mobile Milan 2017
The Norwegian way of using street furniture to create accessible and attractive public spaces made its way to the European scene.

8 Apr 2017
MAD Architects Present Historical Future: Milan Reborn for the Scali Milano Masterplan, During Milan Design Week
Historical Future: Milan Reborn, Scalo Farini and Valtellina
image courtesy of architects
Scali Milano Masterplan by MAD Architects
MAD Architects presents their research proposal Historical Future: Milan Reborn for the Scali Milano project, community-reactivation masterplan research headed by FS Sistemi Urbani (FS Urban Systems) and Comune di Milano (the Municipality of Milan) with the support of Regione Lombardia (Lombardy Region).

Sections of Autonomy. Six Korean Architects

Milan Office Buildings

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Location: Milan, Lombardy, North West Italy

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CityLife skyscraper – endless Tower
Arata Isozaki & Andrea Maffei Associates
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Foster + Partners
Santa Giulia Milano

New Trade Fair, Rho-Pero
Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas Architects
New Trade Fair Milan

University Luigi Bocconi
Grafton Architects
University Luigi Bocconi : Mies van der Rohe Awards 2009 Finalist

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Salone di Mobile Milan pavilion
Design: Mecanoo architecten
Salone di Mobile Milan

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