Luxury villa by the sea in Santa Margherita Ligure

Luxury Seaside Villas in Italy

Dream villas by the sea in Tuscany and Liguria, including a luxury property in Forte dei Marmi that was owned by the daughter of writer and Noble Prize winner Thomas Mann. Exclusive waterfront residences from Portofino to Santa Margherita Ligure and Palmaria Island.

SUP House

SUP House in Modena

Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti

The site is located in the Padana plain. The architecture of the existing buildings created problems about how to engage with them. The volume appeared strongly and gloomily distinguished among them.

vc1 Residential Complex

vc1 Residential Complex in Cesena

Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti

The vc1 project has created a residential destination via a striking building facade: strong pure white bands – a la Guggenheim New York – run horizontally with deep recesses lined with dark fenestration.

SD Residential Complex

SD Residential Complex in Cesena

Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti

The aim of the project was to revitalize a dismissed industrial area with a residential building. The challenge was to work within the parameters of good design and a low budget to provide the city with quality architecture.

Multifunctional Centre for Norcia, Perugia

Multifunctional Centre for Norcia, Perugia

Design: Stefano Boeri Architetti

Opening news for new pavilion building: the first of four projects to allow people living in Norcia to use temporary collective spaces, while expecting the reconstruction of their public buildings damaged by the October 30th 2016 earthquake.

Villas CH-O and CH-S

Villas CH-O ans CH-S

Architects: LAD

Container Home Italia, the client, is a start-up founded in 2014 that works to incorporate 40’ HC and 20′ HC containers into residential buildings.

Le Ville di Trevinano Boutique Resort in Italy |

Le Ville di Trevinano Boutique Resort in Italy

70F architecture and Le Ville di Trevinano will soon start the build of an earth-sheltered boutique resort in one of Italy’s most beautiful areas. Underground building has not only energetic but also aesthetic benefits; the resort is hardly noticeable from the overlying hills.

Buda House

Buda House in Cesena

Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti

The client inherited a villa from a beloved aunt and wanted to keep alive the associated memories and affections in the renovation designed to inject it with new life and adapt it to the needs of their family.

Afragola Station in Napoli

Afragola Station in Napoli

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

The new rail station at Napoli Afragola is designed as one of southern Italy’s key interchange stations serving four high speed intercity lines, three inter-regional lines and a local commuter line.

Tritalo Restaurant

Tritalo Restaurant in Palermo

Design: Studio DiDeA Architetti Associati

The architects have converted a small former clothes shop – 38 square meters – making it special by the unveiling, during the refurbishment works, of some frescoes dating back to the late Nineteenth Century.

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof in Saltaus

Design: noa* – network of architecture

It is all about the apple in the ‘Apfelhotel Torgglerhof’ in Saltaus in the Passiria Valley in Northern Italy. The agricultural farm and the hotel extend on 3 buildings and form the farm ensemble – surrounded by numerous apple trees and nature.

House A236

House A236 in Palermo

Architects: studio DiDeA

Entering the house you approach a double space – on the east side the kitchen and dining room, on the west side the living – separated by a sliding glazed door, which emphasizes the brightness of the house.