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Japanese House Designs

We have various pages of Contemporary Japanese House selections with links to hundreds of individual project pages. We aim to select projects that are either of top quality or interesting or ideally both.

We cover completed Japanese homes, new house designs, architectural exhibitions and competitions across Japan. Comments on the selection welcome. The focus is on contemporary Japanese residential buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

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New Properties in Japan – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

5 Sep 2017
House in Matsuyacho, Osaka
Design: Shogo Aratani Architect & Associates
House in Matsuyacho, Osaka
photo : Shigeo Ogawa

House in Matsuyacho
The solution arrived at by the architects was to build out as close as possible to the neighboring houses, tracing the silhouette of the previous structure, but to also carve out small gardens on three sides.

House in Hoshigaoka

House in Hoshigaoka

House in Muko – Kyoto Residence

House in Kaga City

House in Akiya, Yokosuka city, Kanagawa, central-southern Japan – 6 Sep 2013
Design: Nobuo Araki/The Archetype
House in Akiya Japan

This is a two-story weekend house with a rooftop deck near Tokyo. The house is structured in order for the owner, a photographer based in Tokyo, and his family to fully enjoy the environment during the weekends. The house includes several points that can help refresh their minds after their busy work week. At the entrance, they have the options to go directly to the living room or to take the stairs to the rooftop deck.

House in Muko, Kyoto, central-southern Japan
Design: Fujiwara Architects
Muko Building
photo : Yano Toshiyuki

House in Muko – 2 Apr 2013
A mezzanine-floored residence consisting of a single-roomed space, located on a fan-shaped site. The movements of the sun can be felt inside the house all throughout the year. Light coming from the east strikes the louvered boards before entering the house and reaching deep into its interior.

House in Abiko, Chiba Prefecture, south east Japan
Design: Shigeru Fuse Architects
House in Abiko
photo from architect

House in Abiko – added 29 Jan 2013
This project is a residence for a couple in their thirties, built in Abiko City. The client desired a gallery-like concrete-made space where their pleasure of designed furniture stands out.

House in Yamasaki, Hyogo, central Japan
Design: Tato architects
House in Yamasaki
photo : Ken’ichi Suzuki

House Yamasaki – 30 Nov 2012
This is a house in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture for a couple and their two children. The construction site is a part of a place surrounded by mountains and the sky is overcast most of the days. I wanted to create light, stable indoor climate and came up with a plan of three sheds of house type arranged on a 1.8 m high, grey foundation platform.

House in Asamayama, Nagano, central Japan
Design: Kidosaki Architects Studio
House inAsamayama House Residence Property
photo : 45g Photography

House in Asamayama – 23 Oct 2012
Stunning new Japanese house that floats out over a steep slope. The architects describe it like this: “The owner spent quite a few years for found this site, therefore my main concern was to link the beautiful vast sea of trees spread out to Mt. Asama (Asamayama in Japanese) with internal space. First of all, we can enjoy a sea of trees from the approach deck to the entrance. When open the large door to the living room, Mt. Asama and the foot of it spread in picture window frame formed by the deep and low-height eaves. This scenery is the best part of the view”.

Nest, Kichijouji, Tokyo
Iida archiship studio
Kichijyoji Nest
photo : Ken’ichi Suzuki

Nest Kichijyoji – 2 Jun 2012
The site is located on south-west area of on Kichijyoji train station facing a beautiful Zelkova street which runs through Inogashira Park in a direction perpendicular to Inogashira street which is one of major streets in Tokyo. Considering rebuilding the decrepit office building, the complex building which was consisted with the office, shops and rented apartment was organized to be suitable for the context. The deformed volume was lead by a north diagonal restriction and sun shadow control.

House in Senri, Suita, Osaka
Shogo Iwata
Senri Property
photograph : Nagaishi Hidehiko

House in Senri – 22 Apr 2012
This residence is planned for a family, husband, wife and their son.

Recent Japanese Houses

Atelier Tenjinyama, Gunma
Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects
Atelier Tenjinyama
photograph : Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

Atelier Tenjinyama – added 25 Mar 2012

Complex house, Nagoya, central Japan
Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates
Nagoya House
photo from architects

Nagoya house – 2 Mar 2012
The client family of this house needed many small rooms within a relatively small space. So, the architects firstly examined the possibility of a row of small, deep rooms. After the concept was fixed, the architects considered different widths depending on suitable scales for each of the rooms. Then they edited the composition of the sections.

The black floatings, Chiba, southeast Japan
STUDIO・NOA architect & associates
House in Yotsukaido
photograph from architect

House in Yotsukaido – 17 May 2011
Located in suburb area, House in Yotsukaido is a residence that looks to merge the boundaries between private interior space and the context. A non transference glass terrace connects to the home. Thick walls surround the outdoor area, shielding the owner from outside eyes, while maintaining a sense of exposure to the nature. a single square opening cuts through the enclosure, framing a nearby retention basin and the neighborhood beyond.

Japanese House Architecture

Houses in Japan, alphabetical:

Black House, Kobe-city, Hyogo Prefecture
Tadashi Suga Architect
Black House
photo : Yoshiharu Matsumura

Black House

Boukyo house
Nakayama Architects
Boukyo house
image from architect

Boukyo house

Casa Wakasa, Osaka
wHY Architecture
Casa Wakasa
image : Koji Nagasawa

Casa Wakasa

Column and Slab House, Tokyo
FT Architects
Column and Slab House
photograph : Koichi Torimura

Column and Slab House

The Covered House
Naoi architecture & design office
The Covered House
photo : Hiroshi Ueda

The Covered House

Crystal brick house – housing, Tokyo
Atelier Tekuto
Crystal brick house
photograph : Makoto Yoshida

Crystal Brick House

Japanese Houses – No Images

Chiaroscuro House, Tokyo
Ushida Findlay Architects

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