House Wago in Shizuoka

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House Wago

Contemporary Home in Japan: Hamamatsu Residence – design by msd-office architects

18 Nov 2016

House Wago in Shizuoka

Location: Hamamatsu, Japan

Design: msd-office, architects

New House in Shizuoka

House Wago in Shizuoka

This residence stands in the suburbs of Hamamatsu, and was designed for a young couple with children.

House Wago in Shizuoka House Wago in Shizuoka

The House Wago building consists of a two stories high rectangular box with a meter deep balcony, which functions both as a semi-outdoor corridor connecting the rooms on the upper floor, and as a roof over the ground floor entrance porch and veranda.

House Wago in Shizuoka

House Wago in Shizuoka

The 10m wide horizontal opening on the balcony wall made structurally free by use of cantilever, gives character to the outer appearance of the building.

House Wago in Shizuoka

House Wago in Shizuoka

The building is situated on the northern side of an irregularly shaped land plot.

House Wago in Shizuoka

In the double-height ceiling LDK, the large opening creates a sense of unity with the yard on the southern side, in addition to “borrowing” the forest on the south-western wide as part of the scenery.

House Wago in Shizuoka

The open interior space was designed by extending dynamically both in the horizontal and the vertical direction.

House Wago in Shizuoka House Wago in Shizuoka

House Wago in Shizuoka – Building Information

Architect Firm: msd-office
Architect:Tadafumi Masuda, Shinji Hachiya
Location: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Principal use: personal house
Structure: wood structure, 2 stories
Site area: 298.30 sqm
Building area: 59.21 sqm
Total floor area: 107.65 sqm
Completion: 2014
Photographs: Tadafumi Masuda / msd-office, Yasutaka Shimizu / NINE SENSE

House Wago in Shizuoka

House Wago in Shizuoka images / information from msd-office

Location:Shizuoka, Japan ‘

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House Wago in Shizuoka

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