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The Covered House : Japanese Residential Development

The Covered House, Fukushima prefecture – design by Naoi architecture & design office

7 Feb 2011

The Covered House

Design: Naoi architecture & design office

The Covered House in Japan

Covered House in Japan

It is a residence for the client couple with their two small children. They requested a plan without a garden. Being busy with their work and child care, they considered it unrealistic to enjoy life with a garden.

The Covered House The Covered House The Covered House The Covered House

So we made a proposal to enclose the deck on three sides and set it up, along with the living room, as a single, essentially undivided, main living space. Thus, the family can feel as if they are outside while relaxing in the living room, and can enjoy the deck garden at any time because it is inside the house.

The Covered House The Covered House The Covered House The Covered House

A series of ‘covers’ are bent repeatedly around the house. The bent ‘cover’ creates a variety of spaces and an indefinite borderline between interior and exterior spaces. The floor of the living room on the ground floor is extended to the deck and so the children spend most of the time outdoors without realizing it.

Furthermore, with the windows open, the family are in touch with the neighboring landscape of rice paddies and mountains. The ‘cover’ realized such a superb space. This is a very human living space which always gives the clients a pleasant feeling as if they were outside and leads to an eco-friendly life.

The Covered House The Covered House The Covered House The Covered House

Fukushima House – Building Information

Photos: Hiroshi Ueda
Completion: Apr 2010
Location: Fukushima prefecture

The Covered House images / information from Naoi architecture & design office

Location:Fukushima prefecture, Japan

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