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The Dent House, Chiba prefecture Building, Japanese Property, Images

The Dent House : Chiba prefecture Residence

The Dent House – design by Naoi architecture & design office

7 Feb 2011

The Dent House

Design: Naoi architecture & design office

Though its neighborhood is an old agricultural residential area, in recent times it has been changing rapidly with the appearance of a lot of ready-built houses and reconstruction of old houses. Actually, the opposite site was zoned for farming use only when we began the planning of the house. However, it changed into a lot of ready-built houses.

The Dent House The Dent House Japan The Dent House Japan The Dent House Japan

There were three requests from the clients: Capacity for many guests, good ventilation, and the open life close to nature in spite of its crowded location. In short, these requests could be concluded with their simple words – ‘we want to lead our daily life in richly satisfied contentment.’ With the large roof we could accommodate all of the clients’ requests in one space.

Also, we created three outdoor spaces: the ‘South Garden’ which connects with the town outside, the ‘North Garden’ which takes in the wind and gives them a place to enjoy the cool evening breeze or to split firewood, and the ‘Garden in the Sky’ which runs through the house. These gardens made it possible for every room to open to the outside world in their own ways.

Thanks to all these features, the Dent House has developed into an expansive, leisurely house which gives others a sociable and open impression, representing its clients’ personalities.

The Dent House The Dent House Japan The Dent House Japan The Dent House Japan

Chiba House – Building Information

Photos: Hiroshi Ueda
Completion: Jun 2010
Location: Chiba prefecture

The Dent House images / information from Naoi architecture & design office

Location:Chiba, Japan