House in Asamayama: New Home Nagano

Asamayama Property, Nagano House, New Japanese Residence, Building

House in Asamayama, Japan

Contemporary Home in Nagano: Residence – design by Kidosaki Architects Studio

8 Jul 2016 + 22 Mar 2014 + 23 Oct 2012

House at Asamayama

Design: Kidosaki Architects Studio

Location: Nagano, Japan

House in Asamayama
photo : 45g Photography

Description of The Project

The owner spent quite a few years to find this site, therefore the architect’s main concern was to link the beautiful vast sea of trees spread out to Mt. Asama (Asamayama in Japanese) with internal space.

House in Asamayama
photo : 45g Photography

First of all, we can enjoy a sea of trees from the approach deck to the entrance. When one opens the large door to the living room, Mt. Asama appears in the picture window frame that is formed by the deep and low-height eaves.

Asamayama House in Nagano Japan
photo : 45g Photography

This scenery is the best part of the view. Furthermore, the architects designed the bathroom to look at Mt. Asama when taking a bath. A magnificent view of the Mt. Asama and the sky seen from the wide deck terrace is really amazing.

House in Asamayama  Property in Asamayama Residence in Asamayama Contemporary Asamayama House House in Nagano
photos : 45g Photography

To realize the most suitable view, Kidosaki Architects Studio inspected the relationship between Mt. Asama and the building. They made amendments several times, at each planning and construction stage.

Contemporary Asamayama Residence Contemporary Property in Asamayama Contemporary Residence in Asamayama
photos : 45g Photography

Each house design should tell a story. The architects say “I think a life will be dwelled in a house, when you can tell the story of why it became so, and about every part of the building design.

Nagano House Property in Nagano Residence in Nagano
photos : 45g Photography

House in Asamayama – Building Information

Architects: Kidosaki Architects Studio – Hirotaka Kidosaki, principal-in-charge; Coco Ashihara, project team
Structural Engineer: Takashi Manda Structure Design – Takashi Manda, Mitsuru Kobayashi

General contractor: Niitsugumi
Structural System: Reinforced concrete, steel-frame partly
Site area: 1301.31m2, Built area: 225.51m2, Total floor area: 145.27m2
Photographs: 45g Photography – Junji Kojima
Construction: Aug 2010 – Aug 2011
Location: Nagano, Japan

House in Asamayama Asamayama House Asamayama Residence Asamayama Property
photos : 45g Photography

Plan + Elevation:
Asamayama House Plan Asamayama House Elevation
drawings : Kidosaki Architects Studio

House in Asamayama images / information from Kidosaki Architects Studio

Location: Asamayama, Nagano, Japan

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