Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail

Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail

Shopping and entertainment center Lavina Mall designed by AVG Architecture. United under one roof are shops, shopping center Auchan, the largest in Ukraine indoor entertainment center Galaxy, biggest in Ukraine indoor fountain, restaurants, cafes and a cinema center Multiplex with 12 halls.

Kyiv Apartment Interior Design

Kyiv Apartment Interior Design

The surrounding urban context became a starting point for this artistic interior of a Kyiv apartment designed by Ukraine architectural studio Dreamdesign. The apartment building is located in a historical quarter with deep history.

Silenza Boutique Kiev Store Interior |

Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store

A new store selling women’s lingerie designed by architectural studio Dreamdesign (Kyiv, Ukraine), known for its love for simple luxury, sensual textures, and subtextual meanings.

TSUM Department Store

TSUM Department Store in Kiev

Architects: Benoy

TSUM, the iconic department store in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine has been reimagined internally and externally by Benoy as the Architect, Interior Designer, Visualiser and Brand Applicator.

New School

New School in Kiev

Architects: Dreamdesign

Elena Dobrovolskaya and Dream Design Studio designed an unusual primary school. They have created an optimistic environment where children not only acquire knowledge, but also learn about the world.

Maison de Charme

Maison de Charme, Kiev

Architects: Dreamdesign

The open space with high ceilings and large square area allowed for playing with scale, proportions, and geometry. The first thing that draws attention in the living room are the high ceilings and an impressive fireplace.

Mehr Khaneh Kiev

Mehr Khaneh Kiev, Ukraine

Design: Studio Persian Primavera & Keivani Architects

The architects considered two essential factors to develop the concept of this interior design: firstly, the client’s interests in the Persian civilization, culture, and values, namely the metaphors of Mithraism and sun; secondly, the artistic character of the client.

Kyiv Office building

Kyiv Office

Design: Zotov&Co, architects

The main advantage is the separate exit door. Because the freedom is above everything. Сourtyard garden is an additional space for conference room as well as a place for rest. The architects were searching an office for rent, but everywhere interiors were decorated with laminate, wallpaper, plastic, trendy “peach” color. This space was not “spoiled” yet.

Reinventing Public Space in Kyiv

Reinventing Public Space in Kyiv’s City Core, Ukraine Architectural Competition, News, Architects Reinventing Public Space in Kyiv Architecture Idea Competition Ukraine: Memorial Site of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes 25 Oct 2014 Reinventing Public Space in Kyiv’s City Core Terra Dignitas: Reinventing Public Space in Kyiv and Commemorating the Revolution of Dignity – International Open Competition…