The Caveman Shop

The Caveman Shop in Ponte de Lima

To achieve the store’s goals, Tiago do Vale Architects based their design on a simple gesture that could organize the space in its entirety and resourcing to cost-effective solutions that wouldn’t require expensive finishes or maintenance.

Arrifana House

Arrifana House

Cool house design by Pedro Henrique Arquiteto in Arrifana, a small village, just 4km from the city of Santa Maria da Feira. The triangular-shaped property maintains strong rural features with charm and beauty.

M&M's House

M & M’s House in Trofa

Architect: NOARQ

The architects maintained the squared stone well, an old fruit tree and the localization of pre-existing access, set on the opposite side of the plot, on the North and on the South.

Trinity College in Coimbra

Trinity College in Coimbra

Architects: Aires Mateus

The project was developed following this understanding of passing time, preserving the value of the “eternal” and proposing a new “ephemeral”. A structure made of steel, separate and flooded with light, suggests a new contemporaneity.

VN Garden Pavilion

VN Garden Pavilion in Porto

Architect: NOARQ

The architects received an urgent call from a client asking them to transform a modest wooden frame shelter (covered with tile) into a renovated and bigger garden pavilion.

Conversion of the Bernardas Convent

Bernardas Convent Reconversion, Portugal

Design: Souto Moura Arquitectos

Award for the restoration of the Convento das Bernardas building, based on the construction of a resort with 78 residences. The architecture design has two types of intervention: new construction work and the recovery of the existing building.

MAAT Building construction in Lisbon

Lisbon Architecture Tour: Walking Guide

The capital of Portugal contains major buildings by Alvaro Siza Vieira (various buildings), Santiago Calatrava Architects and Charles Correa Associates. Other key architects with work in Lisbon include Ateliers Jean Nouvel, SOM, Peter Chermayeff, ARX, Risco, Bak Gordon arquitectos and Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos.

Between Two White Walls

Between Two White Walls in Vilamour

Architects: Corpo Atelier

This house is largely a horizontal volume, containing a swimming pool, emerging from the walls to offer a possibility of volunteered exposure, for a brief moment, before returning to the house.

Pastoral Center of Moscavideg

Pastoral Center of Moscavide

Design: Plano Humano Arquitectos

From the need to serve multiple functions, the Pastoral Center of Moscavide is composed by a set of facilities that include catechesis rooms, funeral chapels, and the parish residence, and these needs.

FG75 Studios

FG75 Studios in Porto

Architects: A2OFFICE

This project is about the rehabilitation of a building with original construction dated from the end of the 19th century, with 4 floors and inserted in a plot with 176.80sqm.


House EN125A22 in Vale de Lousas

Architects: Ricardo Camacho, Gilda Camacho

The EN125A22 house addresses the relationship between the architectural object and four types of mobility. Located above the intersection of the main roads of the Algarve, the house operates as a mechanism able to recognize, use and represent different types of mobility.

Arrabida House

Arrabida House in Setúbal

Architect: Souto de Moura

The house is in the middle of the small Arrábida Range, about 35km between the cities of Palmela and Setubal, on a large plot in the middle of nature and a complicated topography.