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Paris Architecture News

Paris architectural news – Sweco has been commissioned by Société du Grand Paris for the detailed design work and project management of the maintenance complex for Line 15 East of the Grand Paris Express metro network in Paris, France.

Hotel Lutetia Paris building

Paris Hotel Buildings: Architecture

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Moschinos Showroom in Paris

Moschino’s Showroom in Paris

Architect Fabio Ferrillo designs the new Moschino boutique in Paris, a store concept halfway between a retail space and art gallery. The shop is divided on two levels, visually connected by an imposing curved staircase that becomes the focus of the space.

Croisset Social Housing in Paris

Croisset Social Housing in Paris

Agence Henry Conseil designed the Croisset Social Housing buildings a short distance from the Clignancourt university campus. The 63 housing units is part of a development composed of two apartment buildings and a university cafeteria.

Hotel Lutetia Paris building

Hotel Lutetia Paris Building

Hotel Lutetia is an iconic, luxury hotel in Paris, reoping after four years of restoration after being acquired by The Set. Pablo Picasso, Charles de Gaulle, Marianne Oswald, André Gide, Peggy Guggenheim and Josephine Baker all visited.

Binet Business Hotel Paris Building

Binet Business Hotel Paris Building

Binet Business Hotel Paris building design by AZC Atelier Zündel Cristea, Architects – initiated and managed by RIVP, the construction responds to a need of small and medium space with affordable rent.

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